The Effects of Fast Food on Health

Published: 2021-07-01 19:35:05
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There are so many restaurants around the world today that could severely harm your health. Fast food has so many bad side effects such as: obesity, high cholesterol levels, and food poisoning. You could say that there are way more bad side effects than good side effects from obtaining fast food.
Obesity has been ranked the number one health threat to Americans and causes up to 400,000 deaths a year. In fast foods, the levels of Trans fat and calories are very high and lead to stomach fat and diabetes. Obese better are more likely to develop cardiovascular stress which usually comes from fast food with lots of salt in it.
Eating fast foods usually increases some ones cholesterol level which is very dangerous. High cholesterol levels can more times than not lead to thickening or clogging of the arteries which can lead to obstructed blood flow which could cause high blood pressure. Once an artery is completely blocked, there could be a heart attack or even complete heart failure.
Food poisoning is a side effect from fast food that a lot of people just look over without even realizing that is actually is bad side effect. The processed meat in fast food restaurants is often contaminated with manure that has Escherichia Coli and Salmonella which can both lead to death. Even after the medicines kill the bacteria; it can still cause harmful effects. The diseases are spread through not fully cooked hamburgers and are a leading cause of renal failure in children.
All in all, you could definitely say that fast foods are in no way good for you. They cause so many problems that people do not even realize. When people eat them, they more than likely do not know what all of the side effects are and what they are doing to their bodies.

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