The Effect of Legalizing Prostitution on the Economy

Published: 2021-08-24 18:25:09
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The rich keep getting richer because they are within their own tax bracket, the poor keep getting poorer and the government isn’t making any money out of either side. They are trying to tax pretty much everything possible to get America out of this debt but nothing seems to be working. There have been some ideas about making marijuana legalized so that they could heavily tax that which I believe would be a good idea, because so many people in the United States use it already and if they started selling it and taxed it highly then I believe eventually it would pay off Americas huge debt.
Another idea which is in a whole other bracket is legalizing prostitution and placing high taxes on this practice to hopefully chip away at the debt. A lot of people would argue that legalizing prostitution is immoral and sending a wrong message to the youth of America. Take a look around through. All the violent video games, media, sex in media and use of language is sending the youth of America a bad message. And not to mention all the people of high stature lately who have been caught dealing in prostitution. In these hard economic times people can’t control whether or not they get laid off.
They also can’t control whether or not they called in to an interview. And for those who don’t have any money coming in because they no longer make unemployment what are they to do. We don’t want them to sell illegal drugs because drugs actually affect people’s health. But legalizing prostitution and making sure that it’s safe and somewhat healthy really is not a bad idea. If this is what people want to do for a living we should let them. It’s their body and if they feel comfortable with that and can make a good living for themselves they should be fully inclined to do as they please.
Most of the time people who participate in prostitution are people for lack of a better phrase are people with money. Governor Elliot Spitzer of New York has involved in prostitution and is also considered to be in a high tax bracket. If we had this legalized and taxed this could be a great potential money maker to pay down on the national debt. And this is just one of the high profiled cases that we found out about, imagine all the prostitution that goes on right under the government’s nose. This really is a potential band-aid.
It can help heal the national debt, employ people with jobs and get rightful taxes from people who deserve to pay them. With the power that the government has they can also create this practice so it’s safe and actually somewhat healthy. If it came down to the debate should the country legalize drugs or prostitution I think it would be a fairly interesting debate. At the end of it though drugs negatively affect the body and can alter the health of humans, whereas prostitution more specifically sex is a fact of life. What we’re really looking at here is the state of the economy.
Our country is in the biggest debt of its history and has no signs of making a full comeback. It’s going to take a lot more than little taxes here and there to pay down on this deficit. What we need to do is create jobs and create a more creative way to tax people to obtain the funds needed to pay down the national debt. Why is the national debt so important? Because everyday our dollar becomes worth less and less on the global market. And the more this keeps happening more the United States globally economy begins to be hindered instead of just nationally within its own borders.
Legalizing prostitution is not something that is going to happen overnight and I’m not saying that it should be either. There are a lot of things that need to be ironed out. And legalizing prostitution does not make our country corrupt. We would no longer have to have people hanging out on a street corner in promiscuous outfits; it could become a tasteful business. Think of the crime that we could eliminate in areas such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. This could even help create a rebirth for Atlantic City which has slowly been going under since the recession began.
Our ultimate goal as a country is to avoid a depression like that of 1929. We need to pull ourselves together and be the mega country in the global economy. We should create a new faith in people with their jobs, home, banks and overall government. We can’t have people questioning government tactics but rather stand as one and support every decision. And when people say that legalizing prostitution is not a good idea, because you know there are always going to be protest, we can look at all the other ideas that aren’t the greatest.
Look at how backwards our Electoral College system is every election people feel like their vote doesn’t count. And unemployment, people who have been working hard all their lives and can no longer collect unemployment to help their families survive is losing everything. And to make it worse our government won’t even put a cap on college tuition and every year these prices are going up. The problem parents can’t help their kids with student loans and you have all these new students with thousands of dollars and debt and no jobs to get to help pay them back. Prostitution may not be the most moral and respectable occupation out there.
But anyone who works hard to make a living and survive in my book is respectable. I think we should help them by legalizing it. This could reduce crime and be taxed which would help pay down the national debt. Our government has considered crazier things and to be honest legalizing marijuana is not that different than legalizing prostitution. If officials really looked into this factor and made it professional, clean, and regulated it this could be a great potential money maker. And where there is a potential money maker there is the potential to help pay down national debt.
With that being said we can help bring this country back to where it used to be and create the value of a dollar to be stronger. It’s critical that the United States re-obtain its status in the global market. We need to become a power house again but before we do that we need to reform the crisis on our home style. Legalizing prostitution can be done tastefully and can actually make a difference in our country. And in the end the worst thing that could happen is the idea backfires. The government can just come in again and take it all back; at this point anything is worth trying at least to get our country back on the right track.

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