The creative invention of the Sony Walkman

Published: 2021-06-15 04:30:03
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Now a day’s carry music with you is very simple and easy, you just have to download music to your cell phone, Ipod, Mp3, Smartphone, and have some headphones with you, and you can listening some music everywhere. It seems very easy and practicable now, but throwback in time this wasn’t possible; the Sony Walkman, was the first product where you can take music with you, using a cassette and without disturbing others. Who was this creative person? Masuru Ibuka was born in Japan in April 11 of 1908 and died in December 19 of 1997. He co-founded Sony and his friends known him as “genius inventor”. He had many personality traits that make him the person that he was. He was imaginative, because he came out with the idea of a product that let you to listen music in any activity that you make, the Walkman represented a breakthrough in imagination, also this complements with intuition, he knew that this idea can revolutionized the music industry as how it works.
One of the things he loved most was listening to music and traveling, all his passion for music makes that the Walkman became true, thanks to the fact that he take risks, risks for the things that he believe and that he can make them come true; at that time the idea of the Walkman was criticized and named as “crazy idea” but he don’t let that all that commentaries affect them, and continued with his idea, and convinced Sony to make this innovation. At first was difficult to believe in the Walkman, because people were used big recorders or speakers and carry them everywhere making a big sound, and the idea of a kind of little recorder, where you can put any cassette and use headphones to listen music seems unrealizable comparing with big and heavy recorders, but he continued in the production of the artifact that revolutionized the music industry.
One of the things he loved most was listening to music and traveling. but when he travel, walk or do any activity he wanted to hear their music and bring it around, without disturbing others around him, because he said that not everyone liked all the same kind of music, and also wanted to have some privacy with music, because when he heard some music he relaxed more, was happy listening to music. Was one of the things he liked and enjoyed doing. So he started thinking about how he can enjoy his music anytime but without carried every time a huge recorder, and without listen someone else music, but that was only ideas that came out of his mind at that time. On a sunny morning of 1979, Ibuka was running around a park when suddenly he felt like listening to music. So he took a look around him and saw a lot of people walking, running and bicycling and came out with the idea of a device which people could carry while they are doing all these activities, and that it how he came out with the idea of the Walkman.
He extracted the circuit from a tape recording and put a stereo amplifier with headphones; also he requested to the general manager of the Tape Recorder Business Division, begin work on a small tape recorder that Sony had launched in 1977 called the Walkman, his name expressed a man walking with his music. When the Walkman was launching Sony sold millions of units. It allowed getting quality sound, similar to a home computer without being so big and noisy. It changed the music industries and became a symbol of the 80´s . Many people, especially young people, where so happy with this invention, that the Walkman became very famous, and sell a lot of units in that time, “This is the product that will satisfy those young people who want to listen to music all day. They’ll take it everywhere with them, and they won’t care about record functions. If we put a playback-only headphone stereo like this on the market, it’ll be a hit.” .
They were so successful that they star to develop new types of Walkman, was the sport Walkman that was special for customers that make sports and the where in different colors; also they created a small cassette so in that way they made walkmans smaller and easier to carry them everywhere. When de CD´S came out, Sony saw an opportunity to improve his device, and the Discman came out in 1984, where the cassettes were replaced for CD´S, they continued innovating and include a screen where they can watch videos (Video Walkman), and also make the CD´s smaller and the Minidisc Walkman was born in 1999.
The completion starts when Apple launched the IPod that was a similar device where you can listen music and easier to carried because it size, pretty the same as the Walkman MP3 that was launched at that time. The IPod became a really hard competitor for the fact that it came with the iTunes software that change the entire music industry which at the time was grappling with the digitalization of music with audio files. ITunes was and continue being a media player and media library, developed by Apple, that is use to download songs, videos, from a personal computer and directly injected into the IPod.
Now a day’s Sony Company is focus in a variety of products, they have produced TV’s, computers, Play Station, speakers, Smartphone, and a big variety of Walkmans, of different sizes, colors, types. Is a very famous and recognized company because the good quality and long life of all their products. This company is very successful in all his products, thanks to their Walkman invention companies as Apple innovate the original walkman and created a different and innovate product. The IPod has the majority of the market in the industry of music player, thanks to all the innovations that they made like the IPod touch, mini IPod that has access to internet, take photos, video recorder, and games, by just an account in the App store and ITunes. “By 1995, total production of Walkman units reached 150 million and over 300 different Walkman models have been produced to date.”
The Walkman was very successful at that time, by selling millions of units and using by all kind of people at that time. Many commercials came out where they show people doing any type of activity; the first commercial was a ballerina stretches it with the walkman before she starts too practiced. I can say that for 80´s and 90´s the Walkman revolutionized the music industry, it changes as we know today, where you can hear different songs from your phone, iPod, mp3, walkman, everywhere. I can remember using my purple Discman with my favorites CD´s in every family trip that I have, in my house before I went to sleep, or in any bored moment, I put my headphones on, and play my music and started to dance, it was fun for me, that’s why I’m very thankful to this invention. We can achieve any dream if we believe it and take risk with them, like Masuru Ibuka because of his invention now we can play music everywhere. Bibliography

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