The Courage to Survive

Published: 2021-09-11 10:40:09
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Film Aron Ralston, an individual from the film 127 hours whom impressed me greatly as a viewer with his great courage and persistence displayed when stacked against mountainous odds to survive being trapped in a Utah Canyon for 127 hours, displaying the fact that ‘There is no force more powerful then the will to survive. ’ Aron was faced with much adversity throughout the text and his courage to overcome this, really inspired me.
This was evident in the film when Aron’s arm was trapped under a boulder. He showed extreme courage by cutting off his own arm to escape. I feel if in this situation many people especially myself, could not pluck up the courage to do such a thing. For this reason I have a lot of respect for the character Aron, and cannot comprehend how much pain he must have gone through to turn his adversity into triumph. Persistence was a value I felt Aron displayed throughout the film.
He never gave up or took the easy option when the odds were stacked against his survival. I thought an example of this in the text was when his arm was trapped underneath the boulder and new it was nearly impossible to get it free. He didn’t let this stop him and kept going for 127 hours, fighting off the easy option to let this challenge be his end. He eventually escaped not giving up till he found safety. The things that Aron achieved while in that canyon I think is something a very select amount of people could do.
This showed me that he knew he could do it and kept something very close to him in a place that already seemed like hell. Hope. I think this uplifting film showed us a firsthand view of a man’s true character in the darkest of times. I really have appreciation for Aron Ralston and regard him highly. I wish if one day I was in the same situation I could handle as well as he did and not lose sight of what is really important. William Miles 11RK

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