The Advantages of Bilingual Education in School

Published: 2021-06-22 20:00:05
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Language may only means on communicating for some people, but in the true sense it is the basis exposing individuals to diverse cultures and tradition. Languages are not only a method of expressing opinions but also a source of information about otherwise unknown societies and cultures. Bilingual languages provide individuals with diversified communication skills thereby enhancing their abilities to communicate and understand words than our family language. As example, in Malaysia’s schools, students are study English language as their bilingual language.
This show that bilingual education is very important for our future. Therefore, what are the benefits of bilingual education in school? The advantages of bilingual education in school are we have high opportunities to new job markets, more choices in resources of studying and easier to learn additional languages. “A person who speaks two languages is worth two person”, said my bilingual language teacher. This is because that person is have an ability to speak to non-native person and be able to read some information on the newspapers in other language than their family language.
Therefore, the advantages of having these kind of abilities, we have high opportunities to new job markets due to the need to a person who is knowledgeable in bilingual language. People with bilingual language skills are considered an asset to an organization. It helps better understanding because it gives individuals a broader view. According to Argumentative Essay Examples, 28 September 2011 by Jmssilverstone, “Since Spanish widely spoken and understood in various part of the United States especially here in New Mexico, learning Spanish would support the students to widen their social circles and lead to more social interaction”.
This show that learning in bilingual education gives us a lot of benefits and easy to involve in any works in our industries. Therefore, bilingual education in school give us high opportunities to new job markets. In conclusion, the implementation of bilingual education in school should be take continuously in each countries because it has various golden advantages such as have high opportunities to new job markets, more choices in resources of studying and easier to learn additional languages. I hope that everyone will enjoy to study in the bilingual education system in their schools so that they can have these benefits.

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