Texting While Driving

Published: 2021-08-31 08:55:13
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Everyone is always in a hurry for some reason. We lived in a fast paced society. Almost everyone has a jam packed schedule, and they don’t take the time to slow down. Another issue is peer pressure. Especially in teenagers, texting has become the new cool thing to do. Fitting in and having trends sadly becomes the only thing important in some teenagers lives. Keeping in touch and texting each other consumes their time and becomes a sole priority. Being a teenager myself I can relate to many of these issues.
I personally have heard peers say they text and drive solely because they don’t want to be told what to do. It’s a rebellious action; texting while driving is now illegal and you will receive a fine if caught doing so. This same cause goes back to carelessness and lack of respect for the people among you. Starting firstly with a fine, most teenagers and college students are on a fixed budget. Do you really have the extra cash to take a chance on receiving a fine for wreck less driving and texting while operating a vehicle?
There is not anything so important someone is not telling me nor I need to tell someone that’s worth getting in trouble over and losing money. A fine may be the least of your worries if you are careless enough to text and it results into traffic accidents. More and more people are having wrecks; from fender benders to devastating crashes caused by the lack of attention of the road because more are focused on their cell phone instead of what’s happening around or in front of the. A short text as in “I’m on my way,” or “Hey,” may take five or six seconds to type and send.
However that is five or six seconds you are not aware of the outside surroundings on the road. The car in front of you stops suddenly, you’re looking at your phone and “WHAM! ” you’ve caused an accident due to being unaware of what was happening. More concerning than a minor fender bender, crash are the life altering crashes which occur. We have all seen commercials, articles, and news reports on life taking fatal crashes caused by not paying attention to the road. Accidents occur in those causes; why would someone take the chance of totally disregarding the roadway to text a friend?
Because, if someone texted them they think they have to text back immediately. Social life is important, but it shouldn’t be more important than life itself. Deaths on several occasions have been the effect on texting while driving. No text regardless of its importance is worth losing your own life or causing another to lose their own because of simply being careless. Whichever the cause may be, texting while you drive is not safe for yourself or other drivers. This act that seems so simple and takes only seconds to do, can cause several effects.
We think it’s just a second and that nothing will happen, but in that second you take to text a friend, “I’m on my way. ” May turn to be the very opposite of what you do. As I take a look at the last text on my phone as I’m writing this essay; it reads “k,” a one letter word with very little importance, but in one split second that one letter could be the last thing that you ever get to say in life. I personally value life too much to take a chance on losing it over a text message.

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