Texas Midterm Exam

Published: 2021-09-15 10:25:09
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Midterm Exam Please respond to the following questions in a cohesive essay. Save your document and submit it to Safe Assign. Your answer needs to be in your own words. The midterm is due tomorrow by midnight. Detail the steps leading to Texas Independence. Anahuac disturbances What role did revolutions elsewhere play in the move towards independence, especially in Mexico? Mexico was still weakened from their own war for independence. Did not have the resources to try and reclaim Texas once it was lost. What immigration policies proved problematic for Mexican officials?
Speculators acquiring land grants, promising to build companies, but selling the land to Americans instead. National Colonization Law (1824) – gave states the power to govern immigration; didn’t work well State Colonization Law (1825) – encouraged immigration Coahuila y Texas; made things worse American immigrants began to outnumber Mexicans and refused to acknowledge Mexican culture Who were the key figures in leading the movement towards independence? Houston, Crockett Different political philosophies?
Anglo Texans subscribed to an American philosophy of government and felt the Mexican government was tyrannical and controlling. Anglo Texas also liked US currency Discuss key battles? Alamo, Goliad, San Jacinto Causes? Democracy vs tyranny; constitution of 1824 Constitutional conflict against Centralists who they felt discriminated against Texans Land trafficking; speculators supported rebellion to keep their assests Contempt for Mexican rule & refusal to assimilate into way of life Racism? Trace the evolution of slavery in the early part of the 19th century in Texas – what role did slavery play in Texas Independence?
Mexico did not like the idea of Anglos overpopulating Texas, so they attempted to pass strict laws controlling slavery to discourage people from immigrating. People still emigrated from the US and brought slaves with them. Mexican laws did little to limit the number of slaves. Anglos continued slavery under the guise of contract labor. Anglos believed slavery was important to the economy and this was part of the reason for tension How significant was race to fueling independence? Pretty significant; caused a lot of tension between Anglos and Mexicans Why did Tejanos participate in the Texas Revolution? Wanted to be on the winning team

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