Teens vs. Toddlers

Published: 2021-07-11 07:10:05
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When we are young we admire the great and cool things that teenagers are able to do, and all we want is to be teenagers. As the years would go by we would get more excited because our teen years were getting closer. However, when we finally reach those teenage years, we then suddenly wish we could be kids again. A teenager and a child both have their differences and similarities, but they are more different than we think; after all, they are two different ages. As teenagers we can experience some of the most memorable and toughest moments in our lives.
A teenager goes through many pleasant and depressing times, whereas children do not really experience depressing moments. Teenagers could be depressed over losing a friend, getting bullied, or lack of confidence. Children also do not experience much stress as teens do. Teenagers could be stressing over how to talk to someone they like, or having a lot of homework that is due the next day. Going through puberty could be another stressful situation in a teen’s life. In contrast to teenagers, young children are allowed to do basically anything they wants; children can also get away with anything.
Children do not have to worry about having any hard work, or responsibilities. Children can go outside and play for hours. They can make all the mess they want and have someone else clean up after them. Life is like a wonderland for children, but as for teenagers, they have many responsibilities. Most teenagers have to go straight home after school to do chores, babysit younger siblings, do homework, and sometimes even study for exams. Some teenagers even have to pick up the responsibility of having a job to help out with household bills. Unlike teenagers, children also need more attention.
Children have to be watched by their parents when they are outside playing. Parents have to even supervise children as they eat to make sure the child actually eats his/ her food. Also, a child almost always needs help, or assistance, with getting certain tasks done. For example, a child would need the assistance of a parent to bathe them, or have their parent make them food. On the other hand, teenagers do not really need to be helped with those kinds of things. When a teenager is hungry, they can go into the kitchen and prepare their own food.
Contrary to children, teenagers are able to make their own decisions. Teens can choose what to wear, what to eat, or where to go. Some teens, of course, will ask for permission from their parents, but they are not really controlled by them as children are. A child has to go wherever their parents go, and have to follow what their parents tell them to do. The child might cry and throw fits, but they do not have a choice because they do not know how to make correct decisions yet. Whereas teenagers have the choice of going out with friends, or staying home.
Teenagers do not necessarily always have to be by their parent’s side like a child. Although, teenagers and children have all these differences, they still have some similarities in between. A main one being is that their parents will still have to support them, and they will still have to obey their parents. Also, a child or teen cannot be fully independent yet. But as the time goes by, you will experience many different things throughout your life. Some experiences you may like, and others you may not. The important thing is to enjoy every moment that passes.

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