Technical Study in Manufacturing of Seaweed Shampoo

Published: 2021-08-01 18:50:07
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A technical feasibility study is an excellent tool for trouble-shooting and long-term planning. In some regards it serves as a flow chart of how your products and services evolve and move through your business to physically reach your market. 4. 1 Objective of the study The objective of the study is to determine the manufacturing process, amount of the raw materials needed for production, the machine and equipment to be used and the man power needed in manufacturing of seaweed shampoo.
The study aims to determine the best location of the manufacturing plant to have access to raw materials and distribution of the product to the customers. 4. 2 Product 4. 2. 1 Description of the product Seaweed shampoo is shampoo infused with powdered seaweed, seaweed extract, or both. These hair cleansers are often green because the extract and powder are both green, though some manufacturers use chemicals to make the color more intense. Nowadays, many people prefer organic shampoo rather than modern shampoo. Seaweed shampoo is best for a hair that is limp and just hangs flat.
The main technologies applied are mixing and filling. Several stock solutions are generated before these pre-mixes are pumped together with all remaining ingredients into mixing vessels. The final product is delivered afterwards to the filling station. There is a cleaning step involved after each batch which requires only water as cleaning agent. i. Deionized the water in a deionize water tank ? Deionized the water to make the water clean. ii. Get the raw material in the stock room ?
The main raw materials are Organic Seaweed Extract EucheumaSpinosum), Aqua (Water), and Polysorbate 20 (vegetable derived emulsifier) iii. Heating in a jacketed tank ? For preparing seaweed shampoo, ingredients are heated in side vessel tank. Water & preservatives are also heated in main vessel tank. iv. Mixing ? v. ? Raw materials and water will mix together in main vessel tank. Cooling From main vessel tank, shampoo will be put in the storage tank using pump line. vi. Inspection ? Getting shampoo sample to test the viscosity. vii. Transportation ? From storage tank, shampoo will be transfer to best tank.
Using forklift, best tank will move to the filling area. viii. Filling ? The production of seaweed shampoo comes from 2 different filling processes sachet and bottle filling. ix. Inspection ? Perform a 100% inspection of every product to see if the product is free from defects. x. Boxing ? Finished product is then boxed and labeled prior to warehousing. xi. Warehousing ? Receive products for the distribution to consumers. 4. 4 Process Flow Chart ACTIVITY Deionized the water in the Deionized water tank. Transfer the deionized water in the main vessel tank.

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