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Published: 2021-10-06 06:15:16
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Organized sport’s is often promoted as a character-building activity for the young. Participating in team sports helps to develop good character because sports involve team work, gaining of social experiences and helps relieve stress. Working toward a common goal is an integral part of the sports experience for athletes. It is through this experience that some grow into leaders and others into strong supporters, both of which a team will need to be successful. Finding their role on a team is a similar experience to finding your meaning in life, a definite life experience for participants.
Team sports such as basketball, football and soccer underscore the necessity of working together to achieve your goals. Players learn firsthand how to achieve success through hard work, perseverance and consistency. Teamwork is a very versatile character trait. It can be used in many parts of life, from sports to the workplace. They teach you not only how to lead, but how to take directions from someone else. This is a trait that many people can use in their careers as most people have careers where they need to interact and work with others as a team.
As a child I learned these things through team work. Team work promotes the sense of achievement. I began to see and appreciate the impact each member of the team had on me personally and as a group. I was constantly learning to work well with others and develop respect for each other’s unique talents. Participating in sports gives athletes the ability to develop tight and lasting friendships with others who have common interests. This is a valuable experience that usually leaves them with lasting life long memories.
There are some positive social benefits to sports participation that are easily overlooked by many. This holds true for all athletes whether they compete in individual and/or team sports and activities. Team sports develop interpersonal skills; they teach children how to communicate with others. In sports such as football, players have to discuss plays or plans with other team mates. As adults, instead of communicating with other players and coaches, they have to communicate their opinions and ideas with other employees or employers.
Team sports also teach conflict resolution skills. Two players may disagree on a play or plan, causing an argument. Eventually, they have to work together to come to an agreement that satisfies each player. In the workplace, two employees may not agree with each other and have to share and discuss their ideas in order to resolve the conflict. Physical activities are a good way to relieve stress and reduce depression. Sports help individuals cope with anxiety in a healthy manner, while producing positive physical benefits such as improving motor skills and mental concentration.
Players contribute individual talents and skills to a group accomplishment, which allows for a greater sense of self-worth. This feeling helps contribute to stress relief by focusing on a person’s positive accomplishments within the game. Players often set personal goals for games, such as how many points they will score or shots they will block. Reaching these goals fills a player with pride, which creates an emotional relief from anxiety and stress.
In addition, participating in sports on a regular basis allows individuals to stay in shape and feel physically fit, which adds to a person’s positive outlook. On the other side of team sports many people think they are just a breeding ground for bad outcomes. Team sports are often contaminated with power struggles and hurt feelings. These especially come into play when kids reach the stages where team selections and other selective honors become controlled by volunteer committees, as well as more over-bearing coaches and parents.
One of the main concerns with sports and young kids is the time management. You have to juggle games and practice with school work. Many believe that’s just too much stress on a kid this young in his life. Participating in team sports helps to develop good character because sports involve team work, gaining of social experiences and helps relieve stress. Being on a sport team creates the opportunity to gain meaning full insight into one’s self. This is the time to gauge reactions and learn appropriate responses to difficult situations.
Athletes learn not to become defeated by a loss, but to dig in and believe they can win even when the score board says otherwise. It teaches each individual to stay balanced, the up and down of sport teaches athletes to stay on the axis and avoid circular emotions. When one takes a good look at the variety of benefits available to those who participate competitively in sports, one cannot help but see how comprehensive they are in the development of a well-rounded individual. I know of nowhere else that a person has the opportunity to gain so much, both on the inside and out, all from one place.

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