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Published: 2021-07-24 04:40:04
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Teapot will offer a hip, relaxing, and healthy alternative to the oversaturated coffeehouse concept. Teapot will create an irresistible place to drop in and relax, meet with friends, or get work done in a warm and comfortable atmosphere with consistently top-notch customer service. Our products and services will include a wide variety of high quality black, green, white teas, herbal infusions, and several teas specially blended for Teapot.
The tea menu will highlight beverages that provide particular benefits, such as immune-boosting antioxidants, meditative blends, enlightening mental focus blends, and mind and body healing blends. Whether a customer is looking to get work done, unwind and relax, or is seeking a refreshing pick-me-up when their energy lags , Teapot will offer just the right concoction. Our teatenders will be thoroughly trained in perfectly brewing delicious cups of tea to order, but will be highly trained in teaology, which will allow them to help recommend just the right blend to customers.
Beverage sweeteners will include honey and other natural sweeteners, in addition to the traditional sugar and artificial sweeteners. The menu will also feature a variety of quick-service healthy meals and snacks, traditional tea pastries and finger sandwiches. All beverages and menu items will available for eat-in or to go. The shop will also offer a selection of signature tea blends, herbal tinctures, teapots for sale. Using these products and services as a starting point, the store will continue to modify its menu and services as driven by the demands of our clients.
The store can be operated with a minimum of staff, requiring only 3-4 personnel during the busiest of times, and one or two at others. As it is highly computerized, inventory tracking and the creation of a customer database will be simple and effective. Our business concept differs significantly from cafes due to its emphasis on serving healthy fare and providing an atmosphere that is to linger even after a meal, whether for socializing, working, or simply relaxing. Like other cafes, Teapot invites people to linger and provides free Wi-Fi so people can bring their laptop computers and work.
Unlike the coffeehouse chains, however, Teapot offers a more substantial menu and a much broader selection of teas with a “healthy beverage” focus that coffee simply cannot compete with. Business Definition Teapot will be a tea bar offering a variety of healthful, high-quality teas and quick-service healthy cuisines in a hip, casual atmosphere. We will offer approximately 20 different teas at a time, each with various mental or health benefits accompanied by a variety of quick yet healthful meals and snacks.
In addition to the food and beverage menu items, our product mix will include tea-related items, such as loose leaf teas, tea-infused chocolates, teapots and other tea-related accessories. Our goals by the end of the year are to be profitable and to be a well-established tea bar and cafe in the community. The tea bar will be open seven days a week, we will offer the following unique services for tea lovers not offered by any of our competitors: * Tea tastings and tea classes held at the cafe to draw in potential customers and teach them about the pleasures and health benefits of tea. Healthy cooking demonstrations with recipes using Teapot teas will be held once a month with free recipes and a discount on the featured teas. * Comfy chairs and couches: Although many cafes and diners frown upon customers lingering after they’ve finished their beverage or meal, we encourage it because we believe it creates customer loyalty. Several chairs and couches will be arranged throughout the store for group meetings as well as individuals * Quality : Only the finest quality fresh teas and healthy restaurant-quality cuisine will be served
Approximately two-thirds of floor space will be dedicated to the cafe, including the serving area and customer lounge. The retail items will be arranged near the entrance and order counter so that customers waiting in line or waiting to be rung up will be more likely to make purchases or will see them as they are leaving and decide to bring a bit of the Teapot experience home with them. The checkout area will include a cash desk, POS system, computer/cash register system, and merchandise displays. A private area at the rear of the store will include a small storage space, staff washroom, and owner’s office.
Description of the Industry Tea-drinking is a long-standing Turkish tradition and the country is not only a large tea consumer but also a leading tea producer. With a population of over 70 million and a relatively less advanced economy, Turkey is the fastest growing consumer market in Europe. The rapid economic expansion and an increasingly affluent population enable the Turks to purchase higher-valued consumer goods and raise the standard of living. As is the case in other Western European markets, the health and wellness trend is also influencing consumersers choice of beverages in Turkey.
Fruit/herbal tea has been the most dynamic category, with retail volume sales growing by 38% between 1997 and 2004. The major consumers for fruit/herbal tea are the young and urban people. I believe there is a need for a healthy, comfortable, classy and casual tea houses as we are a tea country. Strenghts| Weaknesses| * Emphasis on health * Lower costs & prices than coffee * High quality products * Personalized service and guidance on custome selections * Upscale image| * Requires a lot of capital to be a well-established and distinctive cafe * Lack of marketing and advertising at the beginning| Opportunities| Threats| Almost no direct competitors as in other tea houses, only coffeehouses * Can offer new products, new types of teas from all over world| * Strong competitors (coffeehouses like starbucks etc.. ) who have superior access to distribution channels * People can perceive our cafe as one of the ordinary cafes that you can find on every corner | Projected P/L Statement | Year 1| Year 2| Year 3| Year 4| Year 5| Sales| 679. 858| 728. 920| 798. 714| 863. 347| 933. 209| Total Cost of Sales| 276. 885| 293. 498| 322. 848| 355. 133| 390. 46| Gross Margin| 402. 973| 435. 422| 475. 866| 508. 214| 542. 563| Expenses|  |  |  |  |  | Payroll| 144. 000| 158. 400| 174. 240| 191. 664| 210. 830| Marketing/Promotion| 18. 900| 21. 000| 21. 000| 21. 000| 21. 000| Depreciation| 4. 830| 4. 830| 4. 830| 4. 830| 4. 830| Rent| 72. 000| 79. 200| 87. 120| 95. 832| 105. 415| Utilities| 22. 428| 22. 960| 24. 080| 25. 255| 26. 487| Insurance| 17. 500| 17. 500| 17. 500| 17. 500| 17. 500| Total Operating Expenses| 279. 658| 303. 890| 328. 770| 356. 081| 386. 062| Profit Before Interest and Taxes| 123. 15| 131. 532| 147. 096| 152. 133| 156. 501| Interest Expense| 4. 393| 3. 649| 2. 793| 1. 809| 676| Taxes Incurred| 24. 663| 26. 306| 29. 419| 30. 427| 31. 300| Net Profit| 94. 259| 101. 577| 114. 884| 119. 898| 124. 525| Net Profit/Sales| 13,86%| 13,94%| 14,38%| 13,89%| 13,34%| Cash Flow Statement | Year 1| Year 2| Year 3| Year 4| Year 5| Cash Received| 679. 858| 738. 920| 798. 714| 863. 347| 933. 209| Expenditures| | | | | | Cash Spending| 222. 617| 238. 955| 260. 647| 284. 485| 310. 683| Bill Payments| 333. 926| 358. 433| 390. 71| 426. 728| 466. 025| Long-term Liabilities Principal Repayment| 11. 197| 11. 197| 11. 197| 11. 197| 11. 197| Subtotal Cash Spent| 567. 740| 608. 585| 662. 815| 722. 410| 787. 905| Net Cash Flow| 112. 118| 130. 335| 135. 899| 140. 937| 145. 305| Return on investment calculation (Net profit/Investment) = 1,17 Payback Period = 10 months Risks As with any business venture, there are risks associated with opening this food and beverage service establishment. One possibility is that a tea room or other tea bar will open in the area.
In this kind of event, we will have the advantage of being the first such business in the area, and thus, will have the first opportunity to establish ourselves in the community and build a solid reputation and loyal customer base. There is always the possibility that our target sales will not be achieved for the year. We will closely monitor revenues on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure that our sales targets are being reached, and if they are not, we will make every effort to discover why not and correct any issues we discover.
Start-up capital will carry the store’s expenses through the first three months of operations. It is possible the trend on health and wellness may vanish, and customers may want mostly black tea only, which will hurt our image on being distinctive, though it seems unlikely in near future. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. With 40. 000 TL start-up capital and also with another 40. 000 TL loan with 0. 98 interest with to be paid in 5 years.

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