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In our society there are different types of people, each with their own characteristics and opinions. But when it comes to jobs, your appearance plays a larger role in getting a job than your CV does. Some employers believe that a person with tattoos and piercings, cannot be taken seriously in the workplace, and are ‘delinquents’, or ‘risky’ in the line of business. Although other employers believe judging someone by their tattoos, or piercings is the same as being racist, it all depends on the type of person you are, what personality you have, and your ideas of art.
Although many years ago having tattoos may have been a sign in gang activity, it is far from that now. Now it is normal to see a person on the street with a tattoo, and not think anything of it. Years ago people may have thought it was sinful, and although that thought has faded, it is still a very prominent opinion for employers. People continue to judge others based on their looks, their clothes, their haircuts, their choice in life partners and their choices in body art, that’s a simple fact of life, everywhere you go there will always be people who judge you, but that doesn’t make it right.
People in this day and age should not be judged, for their choice in clothing, or for their choice in life partners, simply because that’s exactly what it is, their choice, as is the tattoos and piercings some people may get. One person stated, “I think tattoos and piercings are a personal decision and if someone wants to tattoo or pierce, it’s completely up to them and if they don’t it shouldn’t affect their judgement on people who do have them. ” And when this person was asked if they believed people should not be allowed to work because of it, they said, “No, but I wouldn’t be a fan of extreme tattoo and piercings.
I think it’s nice to be able to see a person’s face, but that’s just my own personal opinion. If somebody else has a different opinion and wants to tattoo their whole face, that’s their choice, and who am I to judge them. ” Another said, “They are a personal choice, but I think age would also come in to it, that a person needs to be of age to know what they’re doing because it’s a permanent thing, and could regret t later. And also I don’t like extremes of anything, so personally I don’t like a lot of body tattooing or body piercing, but it’s a personal choice.
And when asked if it should effect someone’s chance at a job they responded, “It depends on the job for one, but in society in general it’s not approved for occupation. Because I don’t like extreme, I wouldn’t think somebody- it gives a bad image if there is a lot of tattoos or piercing and people may not be taken seriously, it’s just how it is, and that’s my opinion. ” Both interviewers had different opinions, neither of which can be judged because it is their opinion. In the same way no one person can be judged for the way they mark their bodies, as it is their art on their bodies.
For all companies in Ireland, there is an allowance to state that any and all excessive piercings be removed in the workplace, as well as all tattoos be hidden. Employers are not discriminating against their employers for doing this, no matter how unfair it may seem to someone who has tattoos and piercings, it is in fact completely allowed. And often if someone with excessive piercings and tattoos does manage to get a job with a company, it is unlikely they will ever be promoted, due to this.

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