Task on Defining the Types of Businesses

Published: 2021-06-16 19:15:05
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1.Rob Lopez wants to have three rooms in his home painted. He visits the local Home Depot store, selects the paint colours from samples available in the Paint Department and purchases six gallons of Glidden brand paint, which he estimates is sufficient to paint the rooms. After paying for the paint, Rob stops by the service counter and looks at a list of independent painting contractors. He decides to contact several of the contractors to request estimates on painting the rooms. Answer: Based on the paragraph, the types of businesses carried out would be intermediaries and services business. Paint Department in Home Depot store is providing intermediaries business as they buy Glidden brand paint and sell it out to their customers. Service counter in Home Depot store is providing services business as they provide information of independent painting contractors.
2.Molly Russell loves to cook and has finally turned her hobby into a business by opening Molly’s Gourmet Meals, producing complete gourmet meals that are fully cooked and ready to heat and eat. Because she believes in using the finest and freshest ingredients, Molly purchases all of her produce from a small farm close to her home. Molly sells her gourmet meals through various outlets, including the deli departments at several local supermarkets. Because she needs to remain in the kitchen overseeing production, Molly has contracted with another small business person, Stephen Daily of Daily Deliveries, to deliver the meals to the supermarkets.
Answer: Based on the paragraph, the types of businesses involved would be producers, intermediaries and services business. According to the paragraph, the producers would be the small farm close to Molly’s house while the producer would be Molly’s Gourmet Meals as Molly produces complete gourmet meals. Stephen Daily of Daily Deliveries is providing services business to Molly for delivering meals to the supermarkets. On the other hand, the intermediaries would be the supermarkets as it receive delivering orders and at the same time sell them to customers.
3.Jeff Martin owns a mobile dog grooming business, On the Go Grooming, which allows customers to conveniently have their pets groomed at home. Jeff purchased three vans from a local dealership and took them to Custom Car Creations to have sinks, drying stations, and grooming stations added to allow him and his staffs to shampoo, dry, and clip dogs right in the customer’s driveway. Each van also contains built-in cabinets, which are stocked with an assortment of animal care products, which Jeff orders in bulk from the manufacturer. Because many of his customers have begun asking if they can purchase some of the pet care products for use at home, Jeff recently began ordering some of the products in smaller packages to sell to customers.
Answer: Based on the paragraph, at the beginning, Jeff Martin is providing services business which is On the Go Grooming that allows the customers to conveniently having their pets groomed at home. Besides that, Jeff Martin purchased vans from local dealership who provided intermediaries business. Jeff Martin expanded his business to intermediaries business as his customers requested to purchase some for the pet care products for use at home and he begin to order those pet care products in smaller packages to sell to his customers.

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