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Published: 2021-10-19 19:00:12
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Taloni CosbyFINAL ESSAY March 12, 2018Othello the Moor of VeniceRace is an extremely important theme that is portrayed throughout the story Othello. Othello is a black man, called a moor or a Black muslim, throughout most of the play. Race has a great amount of influence in how people perceive and distrust Othello, like people such as Iago. Race also affects the way that Othello perceives himself, like a rugged outsider in his own community, even though he is not. Othello’s race sets him apart from those around him apart from those around him and that causes him to become very self conscious. Othello holds a lot of resentment in his heart for a many of reasons.
Even though Othello is a very high ranking man in Venice, from his military accomplishment, and being very well traveled, he is still treated as he is beneath the white men that he is surrounded by. As being a black man in a caucasian community, when they feel some sort jealousy or anger towards Othello, they tend to express their feelings by spewing racial slurs, mostly from Iago. In the midst of his “secret” hatred for Othello, Iago tries to get Desdemona’s father Brabantio, in his anti-Othello movement. With Iago going around telling everyone that Othello is sort of a black demon, the stereotype of Othello being a villian. Iago relays to Brabantio that Desdemona and Othello’s relationship is something other than the loving, passionate relationship less than what it is. Iago hopes to unease Brabantio thoughts of his daughter’s interracial relationship.Like Iago, the other Venetians retaliate to Othello by using racial slurs to deal with their feelings of inferiority.
Roderigo, who wants to constantly reassure Iago of his friendship, usually refers to Othello as “thick-lips” (). This phrase is used to undermine Othello’s military achievement and show Iago that he is too disturbed by Othello’s physical difference. When Brabantio finds out about his daughter’s secret wedding, he openly expresses how upset he is about Desdemona’s decision to choose Othello over the caucasian men of Venice. Brabantio shows his distaste in Othello’s race, implying that he is a dirty person that would taint Desdemona’s purity.Though Othello is really upsetted by racism, he manages to ignore it for a long period of time. However, Othello starts to crumble through most of the play, he continuously discusses his race, mostly in response to a remark from the white Venetians. For the first time in his life, Othello begins to make negative remarks in regards of his race.
He suggests that his blackness is at fault because of his inability to hold a conversation. This is a huge moment in the story because Othello becomes a victim to himself by agreeing with the racist logic that Iago and Roderigo believe in. Othello wants to blame his irrational feelings of his secondary status on something, which unfortunately ends up being on his own skin. Now Othello is starting to whole heartedly believe that all of Iago’s racist remarks are true. As the story goes on, Othello begins to loathe in his sadness, now believing that his blackness makes him less than a human. For much of the play, Othello, being the sophisticated man that he is decided to ignore the racism that he is surrounded with daily and the assumptions that he is a danger to his surroundings. Even though Othello knows that these things are not true about him, these assumptions start to really affect Othello.
Othello begins to form a full blown hatred for his own skin color. Only when it comes down to him actually believing that his race actually does make him dangerous, does Othello actually begin to think of hurting his wife. Iago’s hatred of skin color had viciously affected Othello, causing him to murder his wife Desdemona in cold blood.Jealousy is also something that is very prominent in this story. Jealousy is what ruined many relationships in the story. Othello is jealous of Cassio because Iago has convinced Othello that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio, which in end causing him to kill himself and his wife, Desdemona. In the story, Iago is using his own jealousy of Othello to fuel Othello’s own jealousy.
Othello’s jealousy comes in many different forms, which leads him to become very destructive.

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