Symbolism in the Pearl

Published: 2021-07-19 06:25:07
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There was a lot of symbolism in chapter 6 of The Pearl, and most of it is very strong. When Coyotito died it symbolized sadness and anger. Kino was sad because it was his first and only child, and Coyotito was very important to him. He was also angry because he died because of the pearl. Coyotito’s death finally made Kino realize that the pearl was evil and it was destroying his life. He then knew that he had to throw it away to make the evil go away. Juana and Coyotito symbolize security to Kino, because they were always there for him.
They went with him on the journey he took, and stayed with him through many roads and through mountains. Even when trackers were following them, they stayed with Kino instead of hiding. They were important to Kino because they gave him strength throughout the hardships the pearl brought. They also made it harder for Kino to throw away the Pearl because he wanted them to have a better life. He thought the pearl would make them rich and Juana would have better clothes, and Coyotito would go to school. Kino’s knife symbolizes protection and security because it can protect him and his family.
His knife is important to him because it is the only weapon that he has that can fight the trackers. The trackers symbolize evil because they are trying to catch Kino and his family. They try really hard, and chase Kino from home all the way to the mountains. The journey Kino takes to escape from trackers symbolizes his hope and his will for happiness. He is also greedy, but he is desperate for a better life and not to be poor. The pearl symbolizes hope, greed, and evil for Kino. Kino really hopes for a better life where he is not living in poverty.
His hope drives him on, and it makes it hard for him to let it go, even if the pearl is evil. When he has the pearl he turns greedy, and he will do anything to have it so he can be rich. If he was not so greedy, and he got rid of the pearl earlier, his life would be better. Coyotito wouldn’t have died, and he might still have his house. The pearl symbolizes evil and ruined Kino’s life because he became too greedy and wouldn’t throw it back until it was too late and Coyotito died. When Kino finally threw the pearl back into the ocean, it symbolizes him giving up.
It was like Kino giving up the evil and also all of all the hope he had for the pearl. But the pearl was evil and he realized he needed to throw it away. It cost too much for him, like his canoe, his house and finally his own child’s life. He realized he needed to get rid of the evil that the pearl contained. But when he threw it away, he was throwing away his only chance of getting wealthy and having a better life. But it was the best choice, and he chose to go back to how he used to live, which better than how he lived with the pearl anyway.

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