SWOT analysis of Japan

Published: 2021-10-12 18:30:09
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Japan Strength Abundant entertainment Tokyo provides a range of attractions for visitors looking for authentic Japanese culture, numerous shops, restaurants, museums, art galleries, and sightseeing, including modern buildings and historic architecture. Centre for business Tokyo is a global business hub, including international conventions. Tokyds stock exchange is one of the world’s big three stock exchange Weakness Expensive Though Japan has experienced deflation in recent years, prices in Tokyo are still much higher than in other Asian countries.
Also public transportation and accommodation are expensive. Few Direct International Flights Most international flights arrive at Narita International Airport. Tourists are required to take a one hour train ride from the airport to get to the city. Only 11% of visitors arrive at Tokyo Haneda International Airport. Opportunities Growing Inbound A large increase in the number of international visitors is expected to grow over the next three years. Supported by growing economies, an increasing number of Asian travelers will spend on premium standards Luxury Hotels
A fall in the price of land, a large increase in international travellers and M&A among domestic hotels that are facing financial difficulties will provide opportunities for global luxury hotel operators. Threats Low priced trips to neighbours Prices of travel packages to Japan’s neighbouring countries are falling. The number of direct flights from local airports to Seoul will increase. Weekend holidays to Seoul will become more appealing Declining Population Travelling within the USA is threatened by a decrease in the national population. decrease in the travelling population (people travelling to the country to have a hoilday).

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