Sweet Memories

Published: 2021-09-10 16:10:10
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It was raining outside, shattering relentlessly on my window panes. I snuggled into my thick, warm sheets, pulling them tightly around me. I rather enjoyed rainy nights, the rain seemed to drown out my thoughts, leaving a peaceful calm feeling, no pressure of time nor space. A loud rumbling growl of thunder bellowed, making me jump. Unconsciously, my fingers reached out for my blanky, my faithful companion for the past few years, my source of comfort throughout stormy days. I buried my nose into the silky blue quilt; the familiar smell somehow brought a nostalgic feeling to my soul.
Blanky always reminded me of grandma. Memories locked deep in my heart that I tried ever so hard to forget flooded my mind once again; I hurriedly blinked away the tears that was brimming on the edge of my lashes… I remember the days, when grandmother was still around. She wasn’t the typical stereotype grandmother who sits in old, wooden rocking chairs, knitting endlessly to pass their old days. My grandmother was special. Short, black-grey curls bounced around her wrinkled sun burnt face. Dark mischievous eyes twinkled from under bushy eyebrows. My grandmother was really energetic.
She was always running around, cracking jokes, and bringing me out for picnics. I spent a lot of time with grandma, when my parents went for vacations. I enjoyed my days with grandma though. Grandma lived alone somewhere in the country. It was a small house surrounded with a big meadow and green pastures. I loved my Grandma’s little secret garden. It was a beautiful garden, surrounded by a great wall of tall trees, bringing mysterious, peaceful feelings. Sometimes we would just sit on the back porch swing; I would lie my head on her knee, and she would stroke my head as she told me a story.
At nights, Grandma would bring me out to watch the stars. She promised that she would always be there for me, just as the stars were. For my fifth birthday, my grandma decided to sew a blanket for me. It was made of traditional Chinese silk. It was old fashioned and not very pretty, but I loved it very much, regarding it as my most prized possession. The sweet memories, however, did not last long. Grandma contracted a deadly disease, and passed away one Spring day. When I got the news, I was devastated. It was impossible to think of a woman so strong, now left without a trace of life in her body.
For months I would not speak to a soul about the sweet memories once shared. The memories were forever locked under key inside the depths of my heart… The rain had cleared, and stars that were hidden by dark clouds a few moments ago were once again seen twinkling in the sky. I pressed my face to the window and whispered, “You are always there for me, even when I cannot see you. ” I held the blanky tight to my heart, my last memory of grandma shall always be treasured. I learnt from this painful experience to cherish each moment of life, because time is precious. I shall not cry because its over, but I shall smile because it happened.

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