Sweet Mabolos Food Hauz III

Published: 2021-06-29 01:05:04
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All restaurants and eateries have their own style, concept, ambiance, menu and dishes that can hook the attention and taste of the people. One of which is the Sweet Mabolo’s Food Hauz III that is located in Balingasa Quezon City. This eatery can surely satisfy your hunger in an affordable and budget-friendly price. But as after small restaurant have, Sweet Mabolo’s also encounter challenges. In getting customer within the area, must of the customers are active during midnight because of the nature of their work they are inconsistent that if affects the income of the business. Statement of the problem:
The general problem of this restaurant is the publicity. This restaurant is known only by nearby houses and establishments. Most of the customers are coming only within the area. And the head count only increase during midnight. Background of the study: Based on our interview, the big challenge of Sweet Mabolo is the inconsistency of the customers. People within the vicinity are active only in midnight which is only the time they can catch customers. Per survey, this eatery is not actually popular in the area yet so we thought of one best solution on how to get a consistent and stable customers.
This is to invest on “branding”. We decided to make an online advertising website that would make an impression to people about Sweet Mabolo. This is also to declare publicly the goal of Sweet Mabolo to offer and serve delicious and nutritious food in an affordable budget. Project Context: The purpose of this research study is to apply the learning about HTML to help Sweet Mabolo’s in an offline advertising their business. Objectives: General Objectives To be able to execute our knowledge about HTML. Specific Objectives To make an offline website for the said business.
Scopes and Limitation of the study: Our scope is creating a website based on HTML. Since Sweet Mabolo’s is in crisis due to the inconsistency of the customers. We are opt to help them in advertising their business through HTML based website. This research study is limited only in offline website. Because creating online website requires significant amount or finances. Importance of the study: The significance of the study is to know the ins and outs of the business and to acquire information not only for the students but also to people who do the feasibility study or plan to put up a business someday.
Chapter 2 Related Theories Introduction Methods Of The Study/Research Instruments Tapsilog is the well-known term used for Filipino meal with tapa(dried or cured beef), garlic-fried rice (sinangag), and fried egg (piniritong itlog), which is requested usually during breakfast. The word tapa is related to the Sanskrit term tapas which means “heat”. In Tagalog, a restaurant that primarily serves tapa is called a tapahan, tapsihan or tapsilugan. According to some sources, tapsilog and tapsihan are colloquial slang words. However, these terms are used by those restaurants and many Filipinos of all social strata.
Tapsilog and tapsihan, therefore, may be considered standard words in the Filipino language rather than slang. The word tapsilog has spawned many other dishes, all having fried rice (or garlic fried rice) and fried egg in it and suffixed with silog. It was originally intended to be quick breakfast fare and the word originally established in 1980’s and came from the famous “Tapsi ni Vivian” restaurant in Marikina City. Small restaurants in many barangays in the Philippines serve tapsilog; however, large business establishment chains, such as Sinangag Express, Lola Ely’s, Chades, Rodic’s, Rufo’s Famous Tapa, GoodAh!
, Max’s, Tapa King, Goto King, and Goto Tapsi Republic, have also ventured into selling tapa. Due to the popularity of this cuisine, some fast food chains in the Philippines, including Jollibee, Chowking, McDonald’s, and Greenwich Pizza also include tapsilog in their breakfast menus. Source: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Tapa_(Filipino_cuisine) Chapter 3 Eatery Advertising Introduction: As the title implies we will be helping the Sweet Mabolo’s inputting a name on the eatery. So that it will be recognize by the people. CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Conclusion:
We have concluded that HTML is of many uses one of which is creating a website online or offline. In this study, our team is able to help Sweet Mabolo’s in commercialising their business through offline website. Recommendation: Using offline website will gradually make Sweet Mabolo’s well known to balingasa and this will come with good profit in the event that Sweet Mabolo’s already stabilize its financial stading in the company it can invest for online advertisement. Appendixes: Vision: Our vision is to add branches of Sweet Mabolo’s Food Hauz III not just in Quezon City but in all areas in the Philippines.
Achieving this will bring good profit and consequently will help the owner’s family in sustaining the needs financially. Mission: Our mission is to serve a clean, nutritious and delicious food that can make our customers come back again and again. Needless to say, in an affordable and budget-friendly price. Questions: A)Where Sweet Mabolo’s Food Hauz III located? – 47-I Lambak St. , Brgy. Balingasa Balintawak Quezon City B)Where do you get the name of your eatery? -In Our last name Mabolo C)When Sweet Mabolo’s eatery established? -In year 2010 D)In what place was the first established of this eatery?
-Guiguinto, Bulacan. E)Who is the head of this eatery? -Romeo Mabolo F)What dishes are basically serve in this eatery? -Tapsilog, Longsilog, Embosilog, Hot silog, and other food tipically serve in a Tapsilugan. G)What are the big problem that you see in this eatery today? -We are lack of customers H)There are lots of eatery or tapsilugan here in Balingasa, What is the difference of this eatery to other eatery around in this Baranggay? -The difference I see is our employees are very active and friendly and we serve the food in a short period of time.
I)Outside your eatery, do you have a rival or competitors? -There are lots but I didn’t treat then as a rival but because it is a challenge for me to think what is the best for my customers. J)In 5 years of your eatery, do you have an offline web site? Or have you a plan to have an offline website to advertise your eatery? -Nothing. Because my 2 daughters are graduated in nursing and the other one is psychologist and my younger daughter is taking up course of being a tourism. And I have a plan to use the internet to help my eatery grow. Company Background:
Sweet Mabolo’s Food Hauz III is a kind of eatery where you can order and eat the basically see in a “Tapsilugan”. Sweet Mabolo’s Food Hauz is one of the famous eatery in our Barangay in Balingasa, Quezon City. It was established in 2010 and there are 4 other existing branches in the Metro. It was established by Mr. Romeo Mabolo and Mrs. Georgia Mabolo so they just named it after their surname. Mr. Mabolo is a seaman and his wife is a nurse and they have 3 siblings. In 2004, the first branch was opened in Guiguinto, Bulacan. They used the front of their ancestral house to serve the hungry tummies of their customers.

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