Strength of Popular Holdings Berhad

Published: 2021-07-22 19:35:06
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For Popular Holdings Berhad, as the one of the biggest book store and provider in Malaysia, they basically need to exercise the SWOT analysis in order to stay strong in the market with nowadays there are a lot of book stores all around the country. Strength The strength for Popular holdings Berhad are the core values of the company which is the people, objectivity of the company, the product, unity created in the organization, the leadership style used, and the reward & recognition won.
According to the first core value of Popular, people are their customers, they are their greatest asset. This is because, Popular bookstore is functioning as provider and supplier of books to the people. According in their website, people are their customers, the reason of their existence. People are their employees, their greatest asset. Without the people needs and interest, their business will never gain any profit. Besides that, the second core value of Popular is their objective of work.
They implement the approach that work positively through pro-active participation and open communication. The employees were given the opportunities to get involved in the decision making and problem solving. The third core value of Popular Holdings Berhad is provides their customers quality product at a reasonable price. With this, Popular can persuade a lot of customers especially students and as the result they can create loyal customers.
The fourth value says that Popular respect their people and promote teamwork. Unity is the most important value in all organization because with it all work and goals can be achieved successfully. Leading with commitment, integrity and competence is the fifth core value of Popular. The six values will be striving for excellence, fostering a quality culture in our company. Lastly Popular encourage, recognize and reward their

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