Stranger: Anxiety and Barry Winston

Published: 2021-09-16 01:00:09
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Stranger Than True In our legal system it’s said that your innocent until proven guilty. Barry Winston tells the readers a story “Stranger Than True,” I a young college kid he defends who had been charged with DUI, manslaughter and a felony. This becomes a complicated situation for Winston because all evidence points to one main direction, guilty. This young kid tells Winston his story up to where he remembers was having 3 beers at a cookout up unit his sister decided it was time to leave. This kid didnt remember anything after they left, next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital with casts and in pain.
Winston notices some things that the kid hadn’t mention before, which was that he never said who was driving the vehicle this kid and his sister had crashed in. But of course, he can’t remember because he blew 14 on the breathalyzer. Winston showed doubt, as if he had lost all faith in this kids innocence. Barry Winston shows worry to finding a witness who knows the story, or a judge who will believe this kid. Thoroughly but simple Winston tells us about this young kids story who left to a cookout an the night ending into a tragic death and prison for years.
Winston was very detailed about what the the kid had told him from that night of the incident. The kid told him exactly what he saw, who was there, when he took each beer, exactly how much he blew on the breathalyzer and nothing but the honest truth that he couldn’t remember anything after he and his sister had left the party. Therefor Winston did everything in his hands to help this young fresh out of college kid out. Winston was precise about the calls he made, the amount of messages he left, whether his calls were returned or not an when they met up and every exact word the trooper and the witness said.
The trooper was at the incident after everything had occurred. Trooper Johnson found the car flipped upside down with the girl in a mans arms, Holloway was the witness who pulled the girl out of the car from the accident an died in his arms. This all occurred on Holloways front yard. The kid was taken to the hospital, waking up in a lot of pain and casts everywhere; this is where he’s told what he’s charged with, and him not being able to remember how or why? Barry Winston tells us at the beginning of the article that it’s a true story, that this unbelievable true story went from guilt and death to freedom.
Clearly, this case was not closed, so the kid, trooper Johnson, holloway, Winston and the kids family were all gathered at the court. Winston knew what to articulate through the entire case, even though all fingers were pointing at the kid saying guilty. The witness holloway omitted what he had seen, felt, and did to help out t the scene. Trooper johnson gave his side of the story. Judge was nearly convicted to state the verdict stating that the kid was guilty. But holloway interrupted and said a few words that changed the kids life.
Crazy as it seems, the car in the accident was flipped over finding the kid on the left side meaning he was in the passenger seat if you flipped the car over. Holloway kept within this information because of fear. Gladly so, he noticed that someone’s life depended from that information he was keeping within. Holloways statement helped the young kid continue to live without guilt and the charges of manslaughter, DUI and guilt and brought relief and harmony into his family’s lives again.

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