Steve Jobs: Genius or Just Obsessive Compulsive?

Published: 2021-06-12 12:30:04
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Steve Jobs: Genius or Just Obsessive Compulsive?
It is rumored that Steve Jobs, the developer of Apple Electronics, suffered from the mental disease: OCPD. Jobs presented many symptoms of OCPD or Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. He was considered a creative genius, but in order to reach that position he ruined his family relationships, his health, and even his happiness. OCPD is very similar to OCD, but there are slight differences. OCD causes people’s brains to send unwanted thoughts that disrupt and sometimes destroy their lives. Individuals who live with OCPD think that everything that they do or think is entirely correct and superior to everyone else’s choices. Steve Jobs was never diagnosed with OCPD, but there is more than enough evidence to support the fact that he suffered from this disorder.
According to the author of the article, Joshua Kendall, Jobs fit the description of an obsessive personality. Although his syndrome ruined his personal life, it was one of the main reasons his company thrived. Jobs was so focused on his work and his job that he made no time for his family. Jobs was such a perfectionist, so all of his products topped the charts. He was often infuriated when anything wasn’t done his way. OCPD often runs in DNA, but scientists are still determining whether genes, environment, or a combination of the two are the cause of the disorder. Steve Jobs was not the only successful person to suffer from OCPD. Thomas Jefferson, a former president and Ted Williams, a baseball legend both carried OCPD. Thomas Jefferson kept a log of every penny he ever spent and he graphed every vegetable market in Washington D.C. Ted Williams would never stop working on his baseball swing. All he did was eat, sleep and practice.
It is known that these historical celebrities family lives were long gone. Ted Williams admitted that he was nothing to his own deserted children. Although these obsessive behaviors were helpful to careers, they were devastating to personal lives. I can make a connection to our current Unit of Study, and even what I am studying inside of that, mental illnesses. I am studying mental illnesses with my group, and we are each focusing on one disease in particular. I am learning about OCD, and a form of this is Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. During our Unit presentation, we will inform the class about people who suffer or suffered from OCD. Using Steve Jobs as an example of how OCD can affect your life positively and negatively will support my research.
I also have a connection to Steve Jobs through Philip Gilbert. His uncle landscaped for Steve Jobs’ home. Jobs paid well, but was a very demanding and cruel customer. Jobs blew his top when things were not done the way he had envisioned them to be. Jobs was dropped as a customer due to his attitude. I suspect the reason of Jobs’ manner was his OCPD, as he was a perfectionist, even at home.

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