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Published: 2021-06-30 08:15:04
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Every person faces challenges, but it’s how we respond to them defines who we are. Challenges help a person see a side of them that they never thought they would see. I believe in Horace idea that adversity in our lives helps draw out the talents of our own selves that would have been inactive if there weren’t any challenges. Challenges create new experiences; new experiences draw out new talents. There are so many great examples of people who had to overcome obstacles in their life in order to find their own talent, but one of my favorite examples is Steve Jobs.
Jobs was a college student who did not want to conform to the social norms of going to college. Steve Jobs wanted to find out who he really is, and eventually ended up in a major problem where he was in a financial strain and had no idea where he was going with his life. Without a proper education and money he fell into a great amount of stress. What eventually drew out his true talent was when he and Steve Wozniak created their own company. He learned that the secret to his success was his ability to trust people.
His trust allowed him to continue to Wozniak with the creation of Apple and expanding it into a company that would make billions of dollars. If it weren’t for him being in a stressful situation, he wouldn’t have learned that he was a trusting person. It was his ability to trust himself and others around him that allowed for him to continue his pursuit of advancing computer technology. If Steve Jobs was always successful in life, and always had things done the way he wanted it to happen, then there would be no need for him being a trusting person.
He wouldn’t need to rely on others for his fate. If it weren’t for the obstacles he faced in life, Steve Jobs would have never been the same person was. Another person that learned about his talents was Beethoven. Beethoven faced probably one of the hardest adversities on a lover of music, deafness. Beethoven always loved to listen to music, but had a significant hearing problem. He had begun to lose his hearing very rapidly until he finally couldn’t hear anymore. It was hard for him to explain to people that he was deaf, which made him look weird in society.
This caused Beethoven to become very depressed. He came out of depression by expressing his emotions and feeling through music. He began to write music that described how he felt at that moment. He realized that he was an excellent music writer, and eventually began to become very famous for his writings. This is shown as people of this generation, whether old or young, know who Beethoven is and what he did. If Beethoven hadn’t been deaf, then he would have not needed to express his depression through the use of writing music.
Beethoven faced challenges, but it was how he responded to those challenges that exposed him to his hidden talents. Although both Steve Jobs and Beethoven are famous examples of how adversity brings about hidden talents, everyone has adversity, and everyone finds hidden talents about themselves one way or another. My friend Alexis never imagined that she would play lacrosse. She only thought of playing it just a couple of moths ago, and only practiced for a couple of months. She came to tryout and realized that she was a very good player and was picked to play on the Varsity team for Blake High School.
She was shocked that she was really good at it. But she had to face challenges in order to realize that she could play that good. She was in a strain, as she wanted to find an extracurricular activity in order to impress colleges, as throughout her high school years she had done no extra curricular activities. It was her junior year, so she had to find something quick. If it weren’t her stress to find a sport to play she wouldn’t have ever come to the idea of paying lacrosse. She not only was able to play it, but also was one of the best players on the team.
Although, not everyone can become a big hit such as Steve Jobs and Beethoven, everybody has hidden talents in them that can only be found when in times of adversity. Everyone faces challenges, and it is the challenge that exposes us to our hidden challenges. If we were perfect, then there would be nothing to find. But since we face challenges, we have to face those challenges that bring about a side to us that we probably have never seen. It’s the experience that allows us to find our hidden talents. That is why I believe that adversity brings about a persons hidden talent, while if we were perfect they would have been inactive.

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