Stereotypes in Hollywood

Published: 2021-07-28 16:10:07
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Over the course of history, stereotyping and the separation of ethnicities has been evident, especially in the entertainment industry. From television shows and motion pictures to even athletics people are often categorized and judged by the clothes they wear, and the talents which they possess. Hollywood and the media play a huge role in the lives of people today, mainly the youth. With magazines showing one how to do their hair and what to wear young adults are impressionable. With stereotyping different ethnic backgrounds, one is narrowing someone else’s view of another in a negative way.
Television, a way to advertise, entertain, and of course, influence. Everyone watches tv and has at least one favorite show. How are the races portrayed? For a while in television three main ethnicities were introduced. African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and the average Caucasian. Shows such as NYPD Blue often present an African American male as the robber or gang member, while the white male is seen as the “hero”. On the flip side, there are also shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Cosby Show that contradict this theory.
Both of these shows portray African American families that live a comfortable life and hold distinguished occupations. We all know the zip code, and the infamous theme song, which is non other than 90210. This show was a typical stereotype of white Americans. The idea that most rich Mercedes driving snobs are white. There was not even one minority in the main cast. Also often seen as blue collar citizens are Latin Americans. In the hit tv show George Lopez, the thick accent and Hispanic inspired set give off a sense of their culture. The concept of George working at a factory is a typical occupation for his minority

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