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Published: 2021-06-12 05:10:04
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I would like to apply for the admission of post graduate school in the faculty of science construction administration. This is an opportunity that will give me enough reservation to achieve my goals in a career path within the faculty of science department of construction administration. This has been my long dreamt pursuit of career path which will perhaps groom me towards standards of reflection to an individual who can meet the challenges of the constantly changing societal structures above the basic challenges of professionalism in my career path.
Since my formative educational years, I have had the desire to develop my career towards the aspects of engineering and especially construction administration. Evidently, my current working position stands as a source of motivation for my present desire to advance my career in the field of construction.
Currently, I serve as the vice president of projects for Vaggelas, a construction corporation. I am a supervisor on the job site and I work to ensure that everything runs smoothly for each task a head. I am time conscious and results oriented in  that, I make sure that all jobs assigned meet their safety needs and everything runs smoothly to avoid miscellaneous expenditures for the company in case of job delays.
I am affiliated to strong models of hard work which is reflected by the nature of struggle that I have pursued over the past years of my academic pursuit. As of importance, I understand the paths of my career as prerequisites in demanding strong foundations of moral persuasions in regard to ethics and behavioral conceptions.
Across my life in the pursuit of my academic achievement, I have been modeled by great frontiers of efforts that have necessitated the achievement of my current academic portfolio. Consequently, my pride comes in recognition of the strong traits of such behavioral conceptions as an invitation which gives me the urge to join this career path. Given the opportunity for joining your institution therefore, my life will be blended in attributes that creates reservation for both moral foundations that embody my character and the bargain for efforts in my pursuit of academic success.
Your college has been echoed in the past, till today as tantamount in producing extraordinary graduates in the same field not forgetting the contemporary nature of the academic awards within its   structure. Its academic structures are widely spread and compounded with a fountain learning environment that has biased the supply of graduates who does not compromise strong academic models. Evidently, joining your institution will give me absolute conviction of success and achievement as a post graduate student bestowed with adequate academic portfolio to meet the challenges and needs of the growing national and international arena in constructions and settlements.
Either way, this is an intrinsic motive driven by strong desires to pursue this as a life time career. Therefore, my admission to this institution will be the foremost attribute that will   be seen in the   achievement of my career goals and ambitions. Given the opportunity therefore, I will respond by full utilization of the chance through strong commitments in my academic work above adhering to the rules and standards of the institutional framework.

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