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Published: 2021-09-13 21:40:10
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This is a tough topic to discuss because I do not want women to become in bondage to their appearance nor do I want to encourage vanity of obsession. However, we must recognize that our appearance plays an integral role in our mates finding us. There are two categories of women which need attention. Women who are very beautiful and those like most of us who need assistance. I’ll first address the very beautiful women. Beautiful women can oftentimes have a more difficult time being approached by men because their attractiveness is intimidating.
It is extremely hard for a man to muster up the courage to approach a woman at all. Keep in mind that Godly men are a little unsure of how to approach women anyway because all they may have known was carnal or worldly solicitations which may not be appropriate for a man of God. With all of this pressure lurking in the heart of a man, he may see a striking woman but is simply too afraid to be rejected. Beautiful women have to make an asserted effort to be approachable. Smile whenever possible. Don’t flirt. Smile. You don’t need to take the 100 yard dash to your car right after your church service.
Although holding up the wall like a wall flower is not comely behavior for a woman, you can casually and comfortably leave church without wearing the banner, “I’m in a hurry so don’t think about speaking to me! ” For the rest of the women who like myself, require makeup, regular visits to the hairdresser and proper clothing to down play the big hips (or legs, tummy or breasts), Esther is a great example of the importance of appearance. She spent an entire year, six months of odor and six months of perfume, preparing for her debut before the king.
She committed this time to ensuring that her hair was just so and that her skin was clear and in tact. I imagine that there were things that Esther didn’t eat to assure that she didn’t have a blemish. She learned how to walk like a queen and how to look like a queen. Notice that Esther’s great wisdom and articulate speech would mean nothing when she first met the king. She had an entire year to prepare for one moment before the king. First impressions are lasting ones. Esther had to make her first meeting count. A whole generation of people were riding on Esther being chosen.
If you are wondering if your appearance is that important, you’d have to ask Esther. Like Esther, your degrees, fine up bringing and great family means nothing if your king isn’t interested in engaging in a conversation with you. You have to look like a queen if you are trying to attract a king. Remember what I said earlier about sowing what you want to reap. If you are a bride in preparation, look the part. I am always conscience of the way that I carry myself. When I am at home, I can become quite lazy. I try not to allow myself to stay in sweatpants even when I am just relaxing at home.
Any time that I am with my husband, I always make sure that I look good. I never go to church without make up or minimally business casual clothes. I find it to be a dishonor to Jesus and a dishonor to my husband. Oftentimes I notice single women who don’t make any real effort to present themselves well and I wonder if they are happy single or if they are praying a husband. Don’t neglect the importance of good hygiene, proper presentation. Someone is watching. Make sure they like what they see, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

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