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Published: 2021-10-07 22:20:13
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As a nurse in the community we can be advocates for those who are disadvantaged and “facilitate change in public policy to intervene and promote social justice…many of the determinants of health are beyond an individual’s control, the interventions needed are likewise what a single person can do. Nurses can be advocates for policy changes to improve social, economic, and environmental factors that predispose vulnerable populations to poor health” (Stanhope & Lancaster, p. 391, 2010). The purpose of this paper will examine the topic of social justice that I choose as a focus for my paper.
I will provide a reason for choosing this topic and its relevance to my current nursing practice. My discussions will be based on my learning objective: reflect on service learning as it relates to a sense of community and social justice in society. Further discussion examines the three professional articles related to my chosen learning objective and provides a brief synopsis of these articles. Finally I will summarize the implications that I learned from my Course Readings and Review of Literature on Learning Objectives as it relates to my nursing practice.
Chosen Topic My chosen subject is social justice. I choose this topic because of the commitment to the community that I live in. Service learning provides a positive impact within the community and develops stronger academic skills throughout my learning process. I am able to make a difference by being an advocate for those who are the most disadvantaged members of our society. Social justice or distributive justice-“requires that there be a fair distribution of the benefits and burdens in society based on the needs and contributions of its members… his principle requires that consistent with the dignity and worth of its members and within the limits imposed by its resources, a society must determine a minimal level of goods and services to be available to its members…distributive or social justice refers to the allocation of benefits and burdens to members of society” (Stanhope & Lancaster, p. 56, 2010). Our hospital serves the local community and does not discriminate. Community members can access the Centura Health System when they need care, knowing that they will get equal care and treatment.
There is lifelong civic participation, and as a nurse we must be responsible for our actions secondary to the real-life experiences in our communities. Learning Objective The course weekly Learning Objective I choose for the topic is: reflect on service learning as it relates to a sense of community and social justice in society. Nursing schools require a commitment through service learning for students to work with the community and under-served. Through this commitment they are able to reflect on their learning experience through journaling.
Students “critically examine their actions and the larger social issues related to inequality, lack of appropriate health care, poverty, human rights, and social justice” (Kelley, Connor, Kun & Salmon, p. 7, 2008). There is a social responsibility that obligates nurse to promote “equality, access and justice…it must be understood that social responsibility is conceptuality different than volunteerism or service learning and it is not a one time experience. It is working for social justice” (Kelley, Connor, Kun & Salmon, p. 13, 2008). Our Nursing Code of Ethics guides us toward our duties and responsibilities as a nurse.
In provision 8: The nurse collaborates with other health care professionals and the public in promoting community, national, international efforts to meet health needs. 8. 1 Health needs and concerns-The nursing profession is committed to promoting the health, welfare, and safety of all people. The nurse has a responsibility to be aware not only of specific health needs of individual patients but also of broader health concerns such as world hunger, environmental pollution, lack of access to health care, violation of human rights, and inequitable distribution of nursing and health care resources.
The availability and accessibility of high quality health services to all people require interdisciplinary planning and collaborative partnerships among health professionals and others at the community, national, international levels. 8. 2 Responsibilities to the public-Nurses, individually and collectively have a responsibility to be knowledgeable about the health status of the community and existing threats to health and safety.
Through support of and participation in community organizations and groups, the nurse assists in efforts to educate the public, facilitates informed choice, identifies conditions and circumstances that contribute to illness, injury and meet national health objectives. In addition, the nurse supports initiatives to address barriers to health, such as poverty, homelessness, unsafe living conditions, abuse and violence, and lack of access to health services. The nurse also recognizes that health care is provided to culturally diverse populations in this country and in all parts of the world.
Social Responsibility: Conceptualization and Embodiment in a School of Nursing This article went one step further to not only look at social justice but our social responsibility that we develop as part of the framework of the university community. It stated that “the concept of social responsibility is strongly linked to the values of professions in general and nursing in particular…the underlying constructs of social responsibility are woven into the fabric of nursing’s history and its code of ethics and practice” (Kelley, Connor, Kun & Salmon, p. 4, 2008).
We have a social contract that we have developed between the community and nursing through our service learning and through social responsibility there is an “obligation to promote equity, access and justice” (Kelley, Connor, Kun & Salmon, p. 13, 2008). It promoted that there were multiple professions that were embraced by the community in service learning and their social responsibilities. Later in the article it compared Florence Nightingale in our past roots of history and nursing’s social responsibility with society, health care and the welfare of others.

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