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Published: 2021-09-15 20:20:08
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The fact that the promotion is no longer probable will be detrimental to Jack’s performance since he can be pretty emotional at times (Larson & Gray, 2010, pg. 64). Nevertheless, I think withholding information from Jack is not only disrespectful to his so far excellent performance but will also disrupt the team’s trust on the Project Manager. 2. Seaburst Construction Project What should you do? Why? Clearly, the fact that several pieces of valuable equipment are missing from the storage sheds during the weekend is a sign that they are being used for alternate purposes.
Project Managers establish standards of performance with their daily interactions (Larson & Gray, 2010, pg. 55) and if no precedent is set with this situation, other team members will think that this kind of behavior is acceptable (Larson & Gray, 2010, pg. 355). 3. The Project Status Report Meeting What should you tell your client about the current status of the project? Building trust not only with the team members but also with all stakeholders is fundamental to a successful project. Therefore, I would schedule a meeting (before she demands it) as soon as possible with the client not only to inform her of the project setbacks but also to show her the action plan to solve the problems.
This face-to-face interaction will affirm mutual respect and trust from both parties (Larson & Gray, 2010, pg. 362). 4. Gold Star LAN project Would you sign the document? Why? Why not? Under no circumstances I would sign the document since is not only fraudulent but also unethical. Sadly, I can see how a refusal to sign the bill can compromise someone’s future in this company. But regardless of the consequences, personal integrity is essential to lead and manage others (Larson & Gray, 2010, pg. 360). 5. Cape Town Bio-Tech
You leave the meeting wondering whether you should share this information with the project team or not. Considering the confidence on the estimated project schedule, I don’t think the orders shipping deadline is relevant to the project team performance since they are already committed to an earlier completion date. As a project manager, one must always keep the team motivated but in this case it will be hard to do so if the team knows they can default on their schedule without consequences. 6. Ryman Pharmaceuticals
What would you do and why? Using privileged information for financial gain is extremely unethical and could create mistrust among the coworkers. Successful project managers exercise influence in a manner that builds and sustains the trust of others (Larson & Gray, 2010, pg. 357). If this trust does not exit, team members tend to be hesitant to cooperate.

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