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Published: 2021-07-30 20:15:08
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Sirens are able to do many things, but “an individual siren cannot always overpower and enchant you, but a group of sirens can, this is why sirens always travel in groups (Ponzi) Sirens became what they are when Demeter punished them by a promise that was broken to him (Ponzi). The physical attributes of sirens are very controversial since there are said to be in 2 ways physically. Most websites portray it to be a half bird, half human creature that is beautiful and majestic creatures (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs).
The next way might as well be the complete opposite, it is also described in many books and it some websites to be a, stunningly beautiful mermaid like creature that roams the waters. (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). “Sirens are said to be considered deities or goddesses at one point of time, but lost their role over time” (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). “The power that all sirens poses is to be able to enchant their voice whenever a sailor passes and controls them by their singing.
Sirens would also play music with instruments to lure sailor’s as well, one would play the harp, the other lyre and the last would sing the enchanting song” (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). Some of the most familiarized sirens where Peisinoes, Agalope and Thelxiepia. Peisnoes’ name means Mind Persuader, Agalope was a regular siren, while Thelxiepia was the first siren created (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). “There’s stories that tell us that sirens live on the island or Faikes which is off the coast of Italy” (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs).
The island of Faikes is not really an island just an oceanic mountain of Piled up bones and skulls of the sailor victims that passed by (Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs). There are 4 types of sirens, which includes Domestic, Carnivorous, Flightless and migratory. Domestic sirens are sirens that are all work but no play, they like to stay on task and to stay serious, never fool around (Ponzi). Carnivorous sirens are sirens that believe that all men are evil and use it to justify their killings of sailors. Ponzi) Meanwhile Flightless sirens can predict the holes in others happiness, meaning that they can see what makes you happy and unhappy. (Ponzi) The last but fairly not least is the Migratory siren, Migratory sirens are very playful sirens that always is looking to “end” people, in other words take their life (Ponzi). Regardless of the siren type, all sirens can “sleep” with a human, there for impregnating them before their fate (Ponzi). “The way do are able to do this is charming sailors, although sirens are very powerful creatures they do have restrictions.
These restrictions include only to roam the oceans, and out skirts of beaches but never further” (Atsma). It is said that sirens die whenever a ship goes past them unharmed (Ponzi). Yet “two tales are told of people being able to survive the siren’s singing and music. One being Odysseus with all his men in the Odyssey and another was a story named Jason and The Argonauts” (Ponzi). The encounter that the sailors faced with the sirens in the book Jason and The Argonauts was that an intelligent musician that was very talented named Orpheus bravely played an undulating song loud and beautifully.
So beautiful that it drowned and overpowered the sounds of the sirens instruments and singing (Ponzi). The next story that involved encounters with sirens is Homer’s Odyssey, the Odyssey states how “Odysseus ordered his men to fill their ears with wax to retain and block the noise and songs the sirens will play. Odysseus also ordered his men to time him up on to the ships sail” (Ponzi). It is also said in the story that “Odysseus passed by the island of Faikes Unharmed and all the sirens died from them passing safely, they flung themselves in the sea depths and perished. (Atsma). Atsma, Aaron. “Sirens”. Sirens: Bird-Women Monsters. 2000-2011. Theoi Project. 29, January 2013. `http://www. theoi. com/Pontios/Seirenes. html Ponzi, John. “The Siren Call”. Sirens: The Siren Call, Sustainable Thoughts. 30 November 2010. New York Times magazine. 31, January 2013. http://sustainablethoughts. org/2010/12/02/the-siren-call/50/ “Sirens, Allusions Sea Nymphs”. Sirens in Greek Mythology. Archeological museum of Athens Greece. 31, January 2013. http://www. greek-gods. info/ancient-greek-gods/sirens/

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