Should Parents be blamed or Youth Violence

Published: 2021-07-02 20:20:06
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Youth violence is one of the escalating problems facing our society nowadays (Yonus n. d). What is youth violence? Based on Natalie (2002), youth violence is necessity to oversee youth violence relative incidence, analyses behavior over time, measuring the range of youth violence in different legal power. Youth violence is regarding the young person, for example children, adolescents, and teenagers between the ages are of 10 and 24. Although others mention that parents are to be blamed for youth violence as they are too busy, neglected their children and do not teach them moral values, there are others factors to consider.
Opponents mention that parents are busy with their work and do not bother about their children. In today’s world most parents are working. As a consequence both father and mother not able to take care their children. So they lack attention and the children get involved the violence. However in the today’s world both parents must work. Because nowadays the difficult economic situation to maintain the family and. The parents are work and money important to the family. Nowadays money is most significant to maintain the family. Parents work to earn money for the family`s basic necessities such as food, drinks and clothes.
Parents make money to ensure their children are in better social environment (Rivare 2002). For example if they got money parents can send their children in discipline them in schools which will not involve them in youth violence problems and they learn discipline. So parents make sure work for their children to get better education at the same time they also pay attention to their behavior. Opponents state that parent neglect their children and children get involved in violence. Parents do not care for their children and they always care for themself.
Some parents have bad attitude so their children also follow them. However violence in media can also influence the teenagers such as television. For instance, according to Anderson(2008), the main cause of youth violence is television. Sometimes the teenagers view the violent scenes and they apply their life. For example they believe in television violence and they display in their life. Peer pressure can also cause youth violence. The youths are influenced by friends, not only at home but in school and social appearance. They learn some bad attitudes from their friends such as violent behavior.
The peer pressure is particularly prevalent when the youths gather information without parents’ permission and involve in violence. In additional mental illness is one of the major cause for youth violence, said (John, 2009). When the teenagers addicted by this problem they choose the wrong way such as violence and also the do not listen their parents advice. Opponents believe that parents do not teach them moral values to their youths. In the modern world parents do not bother about culture and the moral values. They also do not follow the moral values. However sometime the children do not follow or listen to parent’s advice.
When the parents teach them the moral values, they do not listen and fight with the parents. Therefore lack of spiritual also the cause of youth violence. Nowadays the teenagers do not think about the spiritual. If they learn spiritual, be do not involve in violence because of the modern culture. They became addicted by modern culture and involve in violence. If they follow the spiritual they do not involve in violence because spiritual is felt in a forced in the correct ways. Another factor is lack of involvement in conventional activities. Conventional activities are like (PLKN) and more.
The teenagers are not interest in this type of activities. They always spend time an unnecessary things such as violence. When their parents force them to involve in that type of activities, they became angry and scold the parents. In a nut shell, parents are not to be blamed for the cause of youth violence and also there are others factors for youth violence. The main cause of youth violence is unnecessary relationship, also peer pressure and mental illness and also other factors. So the teenagers should follow the correct way. Teenagers should follow parent’s instructions and advice for their bright future.

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