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Published: 2021-10-11 11:30:13
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Introduction Shakers is the first successful pizza restaurant chain in the Philippines. In the 70s-80s, they use to feature bands, in their restaurants. try any of their thin- crust pizzas. Shakers the number 1 pizza restaurant in the Philippines. For the generations, Shakeys has been the neighborhood gathering place, where family and friends come together to share great food and good times. Where Shakeys things cup and growing with anew generation of family fun. Sherwood “Shaker Johnson and his partner big Ed Plummer opened the first Shakeys pizza parlor more than 10 years ago.
It all started in a remodeled grocery store on 57th and “J” streets in Sacramento California back in 1954. Shakey and Ed wanted to open all pizza and beer Joint, but with a little something unique. They provided delicious Shakers pizza, the cold beer and live Dixieland music for the entertainment, Shakeys pizza quickly become known as they world greatest pizza. Today, Shakeys still serves the delicious pizza made famous by ours founders, using the best ingredients and dough prepared fresh, everyday.
Keeping the tradition of great food and family entertainment, Shakers is giving up with exciting changes, ewly remodeled restaurants, improved and expanded menus, state of the art game rooms and expansion plans to open new Shakeys nationwide. Since its establishments, stands to be the perfect gathering place for friends and families, and indeed for anyone to enjoy great food. Chapter I Company profile In 1954, Sherwood “shaker Johnson pooled his funds with those of college friend, Ed Plummer, to open the first Shakeys outlet.
The building was a remodeled grocery store located at “57th and “J” streets in Sacramento, California. The parlor opened on Friday evening, april 30 with the help of their friends. As the ovens, were not omplete, only beer was sold the first weekend. Johnson entertained guests by playing the piano and Plummer serves the beer. With the money from the beer sales, the partners bought pizza products and began selling pizzas oon Monday. Ten (10) days later, they had fourteen employees and month later, Dixieland entertainment jazz was added.
The restaurant at “57′ and ‘J” streets has grossed millions of dollars and still a successful Shakeys today. With success of the first Sacramento restaurant, Johnson and Plummer opened a second Shakeys two years later in a remodeled mattreys factory on foster road in Portland Oregon. The Shakeys name and concept were already familiar due to the nightly Jazz radio program they sponsored. In 1957 Shakers service companies began franchising. Opening that year were franchised Marysville, California. The franchise units also introduce a standed Shakeys building design.
Prior to it, the restaurants have always been located in existing remodeled structures. Shakers began to expand outside the United States with the opening of Mexico City restaurant on May 7, 1968. The first Japanese restaurant opened in Osaka, Japan on July 26, 1976. Expansion continued with a restaurant in Makati, Philippines in 1975. Today there are over 500 Shakers restaurant world wide. Pizza is stilled the mainstray at todays Shakers, whether it’s our original thin crust version with its crispy, crunchy taste or the classic hand tossed pizza with dough bake thick and chewy.

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