Self-confidence is the most important for success in college

Published: 2021-06-14 11:45:04
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What is self-confidence? According to oxford dictionary self-confidence is defined as having confidence in yourself and your abilities. As refer to the question, I do agree that self-confidence is the most important factor for success in college without confident nothing can be done in a good way. These concerned refer to three main points that are to promote comfortable learning atmosphere, be prepared with challengers and to maintain or obtain good and excellent results. Students need to build their self-confidence as to promote comfortable learning atmosphere. This is a very important element as if the students do not have the self-confident they might be bullied by other students.
They might be treated with harassment and might be teased until they found themselves trembling and fear to go to college. Self-confidence in students made them strong and felt worthy. As for this, they can happily enjoy their studies in college and be more active to participate in any activities held in college. It provides more friendly environment not only with the students itself but also with the lecturers. In this way, learning processes will be more calm and smooth with full of encouragement and determination.
College life is not as easy as what we faced in high school. This is a phase of life where we have to stand independently and every decision we made are responsible for our future. To be truth, college life is full of challengers and as a student we have to be strong to face the challenge. For example, college students are packed with assignments.
Every subject has assignment to be done and a lot of researchers needed. This is very challenging when searching for the right information for that particular assignment. As for this, time management and ability to adapt such drastic challengers are important to ensure that students do not over stressed. Therefore, self-confidence in students helped them to trust themselves that they can face the challenge even though it is not easy. Good and excellent result can only be obtained if the students are being brought up with self-confidence. When self-confidence is built in every student, the learning process is easier and student can receive information effectively. This ensures students to maintain their interest and love for learning.
Students will have a better picture on achieving their goals and dreams. They will never give up and trust themselves to do better if they meet failure in studies or by not achieving excellent results. The rate of students drop out from college also can be reduced if self-confident always be the priority in students. To be concluded, self-confidence has to build in every individual since young. This is to make sure they are fit to face the challenging future. Self-confidence is not for the sake of success in college but also provide competitive students.

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