Self Awareness

Published: 2021-09-15 11:35:10
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Very often to work on a relationship, it requires us to first have self-awareness. Not understanding the way we feel or how we react to our emotion is like being in a strangers mind. It is challenging to live and not know where we are heading. For many professionals working in the helping field, it is required to be able to have a clear perception of our own personality, which includes our strength, weaknesses, emotions and our beliefs. Being aware of our emotions would help in managing counter-transference during therapy sessions.
The first step to personal development and maximizing our potential as a skilled helper is to be more aware of ourselves. Self-awareness allows us to understand other people better, improve our judgment, how they perceive us and our attitude and response towards them in that moment. To have clarity of what we are and what we want in life allows us to actively make those wants turn into reality. It opens us up to making positive changes in life that can relate to emotional growth. It is important to have clarity of our clients’ background but it is equally important to know ourselves.
It is said, “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment” (Tao Zhu). To be in denial of our issues might hinder the process of therapy as we will not be able to know what might trigger our emotions and when it does how do we manage it. Without self-awareness, counter-transference during counseling/therapy session may be damaging if not managed well. It happens when we are interacting with someone and they trigger thoughts and feelings from the past and we tend to treat this person just like we did with our past relationship.

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