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Published: 2021-09-11 13:35:12
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School uniforms help improve students behavior in class because they are more focused and feel like they belong. For example students who wear uniforms will have better self-esteem. As stated “uniforms do eliminate competition, pressure and assaults perpetrated by older kids on younger students for their sneakers and possessions. They also help some students focus better In class” (Daniels 1). If lesser students are being picked on because of their clothes more students will have a lot of confidence with their classes. With uniforms students will feel like they belong in class.
Also it is proven that less students drop out of school. To illustrate “ a study was released by the Harvard school of education research found that the Long Beach school district ,among six districts in the nations, 34 largest cities dramatically reduced their dropout rate”(Thompson 16). Given this fact lesser students will drop out of school. Thus proving that uniforms help students feel welcome in school. Lastly uniforms prepare students to learn. As stated “poise and students are more well behave when they are being dressed for the occasion of learning “ (Pros vs. Cons) .
Students are dressed for success. Even though some students don’t like the policy of uniforms they still are ready to be successful. Therefore not only do uniforms help improve students behavior in class but also reduce school violence. School uniforms reduce school violence because everybody wears the same clothes. For example uniforms make school a safer environment. Specifically “can play a significant role in reducing security threats and improving school safety”(Jeffery 42). Uniforms reduce security threats because fewer students are wearing gang affiliated clothes.
With no gangs in schools there will be less violence. Also school uniforms go far beyond keeping students safe. As stated “schools with uniforms say that their students have better self-esteem because without the name clothing on display the students are placed on an equal level”(Terry 9). Not only do uniforms keep students safe but bring students together. When students are together as one they make the school a better place. Lastly most students are judged on their clothes and competition. As stated “uniforms do eliminate competition, pressure” (tom 43) this allows students to focus better.
The school would be a better place because the students wouldn’t have to compete to see who has better clothes. Not only do school uniforms make the school a safer environment but they also help families the cost and time of buying clothes. School uniforms help students achieve success by not having families pay for clothes and save time looking for the latest brands. For example school uniforms would benefit parents cost wise. As stated “school uniforms would save parents money, the upfront cost of a uniform would be much less than a new wardrobe of the new coolest styles. (Teen Problems). Parents who are not doing well with money wouldn’t have to pay that much for the cost of uniforms. If parents were to buy uniforms they would save money and wouldn’t have to buy clothes all year long. In addition Students that are usually late to school because they have to get ready don’t have to be late anymore. To illustrate “school uniforms would save time for both parents and their children. Children would not have to think about what to wear in the morning and parents could not afford for their children to be late. ”(Pros vs. Cons).
This would benefit parents because they don’t have worry about their kids being late and eventually have to be kicked out of school. This help students achieve success because they don’t need to worry about being late. Lastly school uniforms would benefit the students because if the student was poor nobody would know. As stated “children who come from a less fortunate economic background would not appear to be “looking” or made fun of because their parents could not afford to buy them the newest trendy garments ,as children are very often harassed or embarrassed because of their clothe”(Marshall 24).
If a student was being bullied on his clothes this would stop because everybody is wearing the same thing. This would help students with their self-esteem in school. School uniforms may help families but some students may disagree that it’s a way to take away ones individuality. School uniforms will restrict the outward expression of a student’s individuality. For example schools are taking away the students’ rights to express themselves. As stated “by instituting a uniform policy, schools are taking away kids individuality”(Ann 2). Some students thrive on individuality with uniforms they can’t.
Although some students don’t think uniforms are right the schools main priority is to educate and in order to do this the school must have a safe learning environment. Second some students think that uniforms make them blend in. to illustrate “schools primary function is to educate, but secondary is a platform for socialization where clothing can play a role and with uniforms this makes it difficult for students to stand out” (Thomson 1). Students’ self-esteem may go down because they can’t wear their own clothes. However for other students it creates a sense of belonging.
Even though students may think that uniforms take away their freedom of expression it is the schools responsibility to educate with a safe and welcoming environment. Research shows that students can achieve success by wearing uniforms therefore it is a great idea to enforce a policy on school uniforms. If schools everywhere were to introduce a school uniform policy there would be a dramatic change in students would feel motivated to go to school because they feel like they’re welcome. Perhaps schools everywhere should have a policy on school uniforms.

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