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What are some challenges of incorporating visual elements in technical instructions or manuals? The biggest challenge is when you use visuals elements you have to choose the right ones that are related to the subject or the topic you are writing about. It’s very important to choose carefully when using visual elements in manuals because you have to use ones that are specific to explain your points of the topic. Why are visuals important? It’s important because it will show how much you understand the topic you are explaining to others, and it will make it easy for the reader to understand what the writer is trying to explain.
For an example, I am looking at a baby crib, and I don’t understand one or few of the steps, if there are some pictures it would be easy for me to look at the pictures and I can apply it to the crib, but if there are no images than I will be lost and It would take me longer. Are there times when it would be inappropriate to include visuals? Explain your answers. I bought my three years old son a crib, they have two parts of a manual the first one is explaining how to put the crib together but it has no images, so I tried so hard I got some of the crib right.I was made because I did not see any images to show me how to put the crib up; I was going to return the bed just because they did not include any images on how to do it. I do better when I see a picture than read the explanation, and it took me about two hours to get it but no luck. I looked in the box for the last time and I found the paper I was looking for, the one that has images on how to fix the crib step by step. It got the crib done within an hour and my baby boy was sleeping in it.
I believe having visual elements in manuals is very important.

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