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Published: 2021-08-17 23:05:07
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Millions of children attend school every day, learning new information, from reading to writing to learning calculus and Latin. These subjects can help them in their future lives. Here at North Shore Hebrew Academy High School, we have a long day, which runs from 8 AM to nearly 5 PM. The students study nine or ten subjects and average approximately ten tests and quizzes each month. As does every school in the world, North Shore has the right idea, but the school needs to improve its academic calendar.
There should be a longer school year, longer days, more homework and many more tests, quizzes, projects and more importantly, more essays. A regular school year is 180 days; however in Phoenix, AZ there is a proposal to increase the school year to 200 days, which adds approximately one month to the school year. The Balsz district in Phoenix is one of the few schools in the country that added extra days. This proposal is not enough. Therefore, there should be 355 days of learning each year (356 days in a leap year).
Students should be given off New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Half days would be granted on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve. It would be better to give students no days off at all, but these holidays appear to be necessary evils. In order to make up for the time lost to these wretched holidays, we must extend the length of the school day.
The school should run from 7:00 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening. Lunch should be 36 minutes, during which time the students would be expected to eat their lunches while quietly reading or studying. The students will have three minutes to get to each of their 12 class periods. Class periods will run for 57 minutes. Students will follow the same schedule every day. Students will not be allowed to get up during class or leave the classroom for any reason.
By spending more time in the classroom, students will be smarter and better prepared for their professional lives, which will doubtless involve being chained to their desks for weeks at a time. In order to be sure that students are absorbing the information that they learning in their classes, they will be assigned enough homework every night so that they will not have time to sleep. The students will have a quiz in each class before they start learning to check their knowledge.
In addition, if they did not do their homework they will be assigned not only the homework they missed, but also an extra project. Depending on the teacher’s mood, the project would be of various difficulties. A student is allowed to miss four days in a school year. If a student misses five or more days, than that student will have to stay in school until 8 in the evening. Everybody knows that teenagers have no lives, never go to parties, go to movies, hang out with friends or go to the mall.
Teenagers would rather be in a stuffy, cold space taking tests and writing essays until their eyes and fingers ache. Teenagers who want to have lives should be pitied. If they don’t have enough days of school and tests, they become ignorant, lazy, rude and fat. If the students are at school they will be learning all day and have no time to go and eat. However, if they are home during the day, all they would do is eat and watch television. The overall argument is that in current society, there is not enough pressure placed on high school students.
With the SAT’s, advanced placement programs, and school athletics going on there is still the need for more class time, examinations, and homework. Students should be given little to no time to enjoy their lives. With this in mind, help fight for extended school days to benefit the children of America.

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