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Published: 2021-09-11 09:30:09
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The major change in an organization consists in inclination towards customization versus standardization. As competitiveness grows, more rivals want to obtain bigger market shares. This way, customization becomes a very powerful tool that attracts customers much. In such an approach, managers have to take into account not customers’ needs and wants, as they used to before, but rather they should consider each customer separately.
Of course, there are organizations that have to work for every customer individually, like advertising agencies, or barber’s shops, they literary cannot provide one and the same good or service for all customers, their business would then become unprofitable. Such kinds of organizations do not count. Great example of the ones that do count would be companies that produce clothes. Nike, as well as Levi’s has changed their approach tremendously over last years. Their intrinsic life of organization has been altered by the consumers’ demand of customized tangible goods.
As a result, managers’ function has also been changed and has become more customer-driven. Prominent examples of customization were evident when both of the listed above companies offered unique services for every customer. One can observe at their website that every customer can pick his own color for shoes, not choose out from the offered list, and then have his name or unique id written on the side of each shoe. Another change that most of the organizations, as well as managers, experience is the change of the organizational structure.
Since the primary tasks of an organization change, as discussed above, inner structure of the company also has to be changed, and that is where managers must perform the best they can. In order to manage employees properly, the basic step they have to implement is pick the most appropriate theory of organization, the model that suits their companies the most. This is usually not an easy task because one might consider contingency theory to be the most appropriate, while actually the best model in the situation would be systems theory.
Furthermore, management theorists have developed another organizational theory that a manager would be likely to choose in today’s extremely competitive business world, and that is chaos theory, which is mostly on the natural randomness and chaos, or as it is often referred to enthropy. Bibliography 1. Burke, Warner. (2002). Organization Change: Theory and Practice. SAGE publications. 2. Davidson, Jeff. (2001). The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Change Management. Alpha Books.

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