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Published: 2021-09-15 10:15:08
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Therefore, in a heartbeat, a customer can realize a product that the company is selling made from plant and is good for health. More so, that in turn develops an “interest” in the customer’s mind to learn about the product. A customer then gets into the “evaluation” stage to assess the product on some information he or she gathers. Afterward, a customer takes the “trial” step, and consequently decides to make post-purchase on favorable experience in the trial stage, that is the last stage called “adoption”. After setting the promotion objectives, Milo continues to decide how much money to spend.
It is not an easy task to deal with because there are several elements needed to spend on in promotional activity such as advertising, sales promotion, and public relation. Yet once these activities are seized appropriately, Milo can approach target customers efficiently and effectively. To illustrate, according to CATPHCM news, the promotion budget for Nestle accounted for 38% in 2008, which raised the price of its products, and in turn dissatisfied customers. As the result, in the first nine months of 2009, Nestle had to cut down promotion budget to 27% to either reducing the price or pleasing customers.
Completing making budget decision, Milo seeks to select, implement, and evaluate promotion tools, which include advertising, sales promotion, and public relation. a. Advertising: * Television: Milo Soya advertised through the movie “Gia dinh phep thuat” displayed on more than 20 channels nationally. Plus, including 6 months advertising on TV. * Newspaper: Milo Protomalt was first introduced on Thanhnien Online in 2007. * Magazine: Milo Cup was spread out via Phunu Online. * Internet: Advertising on Youtube. com. (Link: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=evKaM-izDqM http://www. outube. com/watch? v=CsciC2RP5MM http://clip. vn/watch/Milo-Soya-Sua-Dau-Nanh,hyZm) * Outdoor: Billboards, Advertising boards at bus stop/ moving vehicles like bus. b. Sales promotion * Contest: Being a sponsor for some big sport events such as MILO Football Tournament for Underprivileged Children, Young National Football held in Thanh Hoa, Basketball Tournament for pupils opens in HCMC, etc. * Samples: Giving 1,600,000 glasses of Milo Soya to nearly 500. 000 children in 13 provinces. – Point-of-purchase displays: Milo Soya campaign covered more than 22 big supermarkets. Premiums: Build goodwill through gifts, discounts, etc. c. Public Relations: – While advertising and sales promotion illustrate how Milo can reach its target audiences, public relations depict how audiences market Milo’s products. For instance, Milo had applied the “new conference” tool; specifically it opened a meeting to introduce the benefits of Milo Protomalt on Oct 16th, 2007. After having been through promotion decision process, Milo embarks on personal selling process, which consists of six stages (Figure 2), stimulates salesperson-customer interaction.
Figure 2 * Prospecting: * In this stage, Milo seeks “lead” customers via some promotional channels above, then selecting “prospect” customers who concern about product benefits, and finally filters those “qualified prospect” that can afford to buy Milo’s products in order to move on to the next stage. * Preapproach and Approach: * Once Milo has identified “qualified prospect” customers, preparation for sale begins with the preapproach and then acting to approach them. Preapproach entails getting to know what the prospect is looking for in a product or service.
Apparently, in order to reach those customers, Milo understands the trend in dynamic, strong, and healthiness, so it produces a series of products, which support those elements including original Milo, Milo protomalt, and Milo Soya. Furthermore, realizing the need for convenience of the customers, Milo constantly innovates in product features such as packaging in glass, bottle, and box, or ready-to-drink design. * Presentation: * It is concerned as the core of the order –getting selling process, and its objective is to convert a prospect into a customer by creating a desire for the product or service.
It is described by the application of formula selling format in sales promotion presented above. * Close: * This stage clarifies a purchase commitment from the prospect, plus it is the most difficult for Milo and even others in general, because Milo’s salesperson must determine when the prospect is ready to buy by means of body language, statements, or question. * Follow-up: * It explained how Milo can create post-purchasing in consumers’ mind. To attain it, Milo has continually innovated in making progress in product features and packaging, and services through sales promotion.

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