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Published: 2021-08-13 18:15:07
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In purchasing cleaning products and services, which of the following managers might be members of the buying center at a discount retailer, like Wal-Mart or target: a purchasing executive at the headquarters level, store managers, a merchandising executive, a marketing manager, a maintenance staff supervisor, or maintenance employees? Who would be most influential in the buying decision? a.
A purchasing executive at the headquarters level would be a member of the buying center at a discount retailer. A purchasing executive at the headquarters level would be most influential because of the fact that the retailer spends around 100k per month “in cleaning, floor care, and maintenance programs,” on average. That is a major expenditure that can’t be left in consideration of a maintenance employee or the like because expenses have to be mitigated. Wal-Mart is a huge retail chain. 100k per month, totals 1. million per year for one store alone—on average. 1. 2-million per year, per store, estimating a total of 80 stores in the state of Georgia, totals 100-million dollars a year for cleaning and maintenance. 2. Describe how the evaluative criteria employed by the purchasing manager might be different from those that are important to users. b. Purchasing managers might be more interested in the dispensing systems put in place to pinpoint the exact diluting levels that are necessary to achieve tasks at hand.
By pinpointing the exact dilution levels, purchasing managers are able to keeps costs as low as possible. Users may not be as frugal. The users have no influence or benefits in the company, aside from the hourly wage that they receive, regardless of whether or not cleaning and maintenance levels are high or low. 3. Explore how the needs of a health-care organization might differ from the needs of a retailer in purchasing cleaning products and services. What adjustments in marketing strategy might be pursued by the Professional Division in the health-care sector? . A health-care organization might need to purchase more cleaning products and services than a retailer because their health standards are higher and more demanding than a retailer. A retailers needs for cleaning products and services may be more-so bent on beautification, as opposed to a health-care organization that needs to keep up with health standards. In servicing all of those patients that move in and out of the offices on a daily basis, with all sorts of diseases, ailments, or infections, keeping health standards up to par is of the utmost importance.

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