Roles of Supervisor

Published: 2021-08-07 03:05:07
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Supervising   members is clearly more than a job. It is also a commitment   to developing  one’s own capacity and that of others to initiate changes that will result in stronger companies. Regardless of whether you are full time or part time supervisor, you are in a key position to make a difference in the lives of your members in the organisation. An in-depth discussion of the Case Study: St. Simon Manufacturing Company, is designed to help readers with practical ideas , suggestions and many effective supervisory techniques  highlighting areas that are important to modern day organisations.
Key Components that will be applied to the Case Study: Role of the Supervisor                    Planning-This is the function of setting goals and objectives and converting them into specific plans. For a supervisor the outcome of planning includes operating schedules, quality specifications and deadlines. The planning process also establishes policies ,standard operating procedures, rules and regulations. Organizing- In performing this function a supervisor lines up all available resources, including  departmental tools, equipments ,materials, and –especially – the work force .
It is at this stage  that the organizational structure  of a department is designed and its work is divided up into jobs. Staffing –This is the function by which supervisors figuratively  put  flesh on the organisational structure. Supervisors first figure out exactly how many and what kind of employees a department will need to carry out its work. They then interview, select and   training those people most suitable to fill the open jobs. Leading –This function gets blood flowing in an organization. Supervisors  energize  the vital human resources of the department by providing motivation, communication and leadership

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