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Published: 2021-07-03 00:20:04
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Robert Frost is a well-known American poet that often includes the element of nature’s beauty. As you read a poem by Robert Frost, what seems to stand out the most? Is it his ability to paint a mental picture in your mind that can shift and change? Generally, his writing includes nature that shows reality and how it represents life and human experience. However, because the deeper meanings of his poems are usually overlooked, many people use words such as loneliness, anguish and frustration to describe some of Frost’s famous poems.
In the poem “Come In,” Frost tells about the change from day to night and make an equal statement about stepping over the edge of life into death. The poem is filled with images of darkness which becomes a symbol of death, and music from songbirds, which help to build a chaotic scene. The speaker seems to have a feeling of anxiety and a certain sense of awe toward the situation taking place in the poem. These feelings help display the poem’s overall theme that nature and life itself has a mysteriousness to it that should not be taken lightly. In the first line the speaker immediately makes a reference to the border between light and dark.
The edge of the woods is a border between the nighttime of the inside and the light of the outside. Frost relates nature into the poem by expressing the dark forest at dusk, the sunset diminishing in the West and the birds singing their melodious song as the forest goes black. The poem is about the contrast of nature as well as the general darker and lighter side of life. The sun going down causing the forest to go dark represents somewhat the restrictions that occur in life. To me the bird symbolizes a robin that is unable to find the meaning of life, therefore, the poem represents self-motivation, beauty, choice, and aloneness.
Even though the thrush was making its last song for the night, his intention was in the night, and what the night offered, sleep and darkness were of no concern. As Frost writes, “Too dark in the woods for a bird, by sleight of wing” he infers the darker restricted more side of life when on the other hand he writes, “I was out for stars: I would not come in” it reveals a lighter more upbeat side to life. He describes it as been as powerful as the last light of sun maybe implying that in every negative “dark” situation there is optimism and “light” hidden in it and there are means of escaping these restrictions, in life by rising above it.
The message to take away from the poem is that we must allow our mind and spirit to wander to the woods go to that place which is lamentful, dark and mysterious, the unknown. In this wood, we must see the light of our own spirit telling us that which we love, do best and could do better. It is our own option to be present and responsible for “not coming in” not seeking the darkness of temptation. Rising above this darkness is done by one’s self, and showing good judgment of what one loves and brings one joy and making life choices.

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