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Use your own creativity to illustrate. Write your name, ID number, Course code and your programme of study. Page 2: Plagiarism Declaration Form – Sign the plagiarism declaration form to confirm the work is your own original work, you are complying with FNU policies on plagiarism, and are free of the dishonest practices outlined in the FNIJ Academic and Student Regulations (No 40,40. 1, 40. 2: pg 42). The declaration form is in \\gutulei – EVG401 folder. You must use your own words in this assignment. If you are using ther authors’ work from books, internet or other sources, cite the source correctly (reference).
Check that your spelling and English sentence structure is correct. A ‘Simple Reference Writing Guide’ is available to help write references.If you fail to acknowledge sources, the copied information will be regarded as plagiarized. You will receive zero marks if you plagiarise in your assignment. Serious cases of plagiarism will be referred to the F-NU Registrar for action. Page 3: Attach the on this page. Part 1: Background. (2 marks) Briefly describe what the news article is about. Give background information on the issue(s) highlighted in the newspaper article and if this issue is a problem in Fiji or elsewhere.
Identify the ethical problem in the news article. Make reference to the article. You must have a minimum of two sentences or a maximum of one paragraph. Part 2: Ethical Concerns (6 marks) This section carries the most marks so think carefully and use your knowledge of ethics, values, morals, ethical theories, religious, human rights, law, or good governance to answer it. Why does the issue in the news article raise ethical concerns? You must identify 3 different ethical concerns raised by the ethical roblem in the newspaper article and explain why each of the three ethical concerns is wrong.
Word limit – minimum 2 sentences per ethical concern and maximum one paragraph per ethical concern. Part 3: Consequences (4 marks) How does the issue(s) affect the people in the article or other people in society. Provide 2 different ways in which people can or have been affected by the issue. Word limit – minimum 2 sentences per consequence and maximum one paragraph per consequence. Part 4: Resolutions (4 marks) Give two possible solutions on how this issue can be resolved in an ethical (fair and just) way. Word limit – minimum 2 sentences per resolution and maximum one paragraph per resolution.
Your layout (2 marks) Art work, graphics, pictures, eye catchiness, and neatness will be rewarded with a maximum 2 marks. Bind, staple and use your creativity to present a beautiful booklet. You are encouraged to use the computer to type your work. You will be penalized if you use any unethical, nude, disgusting or distasteful pictures or illustrations in the assignment. References (2 marks) Proper acknowledgement of sources used for this assignment and proper writing of references will gain you a further 2 marks.

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