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Published: 2021-09-15 01:25:11
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Christianity was the driving force behind how my parents raised me because everything I learned in Sunday school directly correlated with the teachings my parents used. I am very thankful for religion and Christianity because without them I would not be the strong individual I am today. Religious Experience I have had a vast experience with religion but really only one kind and that is Christianity. I have only had good experiences with it; however, there was one time in my life when I doubted God. In December of 2006 my parents and I moved from Virginia to Albuquerque, New Mexico.
This was devastating to me because my siblings, who I am very close to, would stay behind since they were both over the age of 18 and had started college. The reason for the move is because my father, a professor at Liberty University at the time, told us that God was telling him to move to Albuquerque to take a job as one of the pastors at a church called Desert Springs Church. At the time all I could think of was how much I resented God and my father for making us move to Albuquerque. My first two years in Albuquerque were really bad.
I was depressed because of how much I missed my siblings, I had difficulty making new friends, and I could not stand the lack of green (still to this day I miss the green). Once I started college though I began appreciating the move out to Albuquerque. Without the move I would not have been able to get into such a good school with a great scholarship and I would not have made the good friends I have today. In all my life that was the only bad experience with religion I have had. In time, however, I realized that God’s plan always has a purpose even if it takes a couple years to sink in.
Worldview My own worldview has been constructed based upon my religion of Christianity as well as the way my parents raised me. I believe that God created all life; however, I do not claim to have all the answers. God could have created the big bang or he could have created everything in seven literal days as the book of Genesis describes. The meaning of life to me is to impact our world in a positive manner while living a strong Christian life with a personal relationship with God and his son Jesus to ultimately make it to Heaven.
As far as knowing what is right from wrong in life I rely on the 10 commandments as well as other teachings from my parents, Church, and the Bible. Implications My worldview directly runs parallel with Christianity and the teachings of the Bible. Because of this my worldview cannot allow me to practice other religions actively. I do enjoy learning about other religions and see nothing wrong with that as long as I do not become one with the religions. My worldview would also be hard for an atheist or non religious person to accept since my worldview ties into Christianity.
Conclusion Religion is the glue of society. Every person in this world comes from different backgrounds and different experiences. One thing that binds us together on common ground is religion and I believe it is something worth perusing. With religion we learn about our past and what our future will hold. I know if I was not raised in a Christian household I would probably not be in college or on my way to a promising career because my parents would not have held such high standards and ideals. I look forward to learning more about Christianity in my life and in this course.

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