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Published: 2021-07-09 22:40:06
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Why is Reflective practive important in nursing? –Negative aspects & positive aspects Why do nurses need to develop these skills? – to prepare us from future situations that may get us off guard. When, Why and How is reflective practice used? In the workforce there will be some situations in which we are faced to take some actions. There may be certain instances where we are caught off-guard and required to act in pressured moments. May it be a life and death situations or just an obstacle in which we learn along the way.
Nurses are constantly faced with problems in their day-to-day basis. Here we look at why reflective practice is important, the negative aspects and the positive aspects of reflective nursing aswell as why nurses need to develop these skills. There are also steps on When, Why and How a reflective practive is used. REFLECTIVE PRACTICE IS AN IMPORTANT SKILL THAT NURSES NEED TO DEVELOP. There will be a moment where we will come across situations that will affect our emotions to think back hoping that we could’ve handled that situation in a better way.
This is where a reflective practice comes into play. This essay will explore and go in depth into what reflective practice is and how it affects us and how it also fits into our lives. In nursing we tend to interact with many different people and most of the time they will not always be 100% in thir state of mind. We will then be exposed to different expereinces. in order to deal with this certain traumatizing, belittling experience we have to look back on when it had happened, you ask yourself whether it couldve been avoided if it was a diffrent context.
Why it happened in the first place and how it happened also what actions you shouldve taken at the time. We then find out that when we keep records of these reflections, it helps us to become better in how we may deal with situations that may arise. Reflective practice is ….. The importance of Reflective Essay… Negative Aspects that we experience can be turned into a positive aspect in the future…. We need to develop these skills because… How it can change for us in the future if we adapt reflective practice in our work ethics… When, why and How a reflective practice is used…

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