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Published: 2021-08-26 17:40:07
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Bullying is a actual hurtful behavior directed by more powerful individuals or groups against those who are less powerful. Lt is not the same thing as fighting or quarreling between people of about the same strength. It is represented repeated, often enjoyed by the bully or bullies, never justified. It is experienced as oppression. Bullying can dramatically affect students’ academic and social progress.
A safe and fear-free school environment calls for a comprehensive bullying intervention plan that involves all students, teachers, parents and public at large. Firstly, an unknown questionnaire can be distributed to students and parents to gather information on many aspects of bullying. The questionnaires can give us information about where bullying is taking place and how students are reacting to it.
We may note how interested students are in participating in meetings to help reduce bullying. We are also to see how the students and parents view bullying. From this information, we can decide on preventive measures that will be supported by students and parents. Secondly, an awareness campaign for students, parents and the general public will encourage cooperation of everyone involved and form a strong support system to protect students from being victims of bullying.
Such programs can aso show students how they can assist victims and how everyone can work together to create a safer school environment. For example, initially a counselor or teacher may advise a bully act in a responsible and constructive way to remedy the situation. Research shows that many bullies were victims of bullying themselves and sometimes respond to this gentle, understanding approach. However, if this approach is not successful, then stricter actions must be taken. Bullying must never be tolerated.

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