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The standards established for storing food should address five principal concerns: 1. Condition of Facilities and Equipment The factors involved in maintaining proper internal conditions include temperature, storage containers, shelving and cleanliness. Problems with any of these may lead to spoilage and waste. Temperature – One of the key factors in storing foods is the temperature of the storage facility. This is particularly important for perishables.
Food life can be maximized when food is stored at the correct temperatures and at the proper level of humidity. Storage Containers – In addition to temperature, care must be given to storing them in appropriate storage containers. Whenever products are purchased in unsealed packages they should be transferred to tight, insect proof containers, in the case of perishables, both raw and cooked, care should be given to them in whatever manner best retains their original quality. Shelving – For perishables, shelving should be slatted to permit maximum circulation of air.
For non-perishables, stainless steel shelving is usually preferred. At no time should any food products be stored on the floor. Shelves or pallets should be raised at least 6 inches above the ground and 6-10 inches from the wall. Cleanliness – Absolute cleanliness should be enforced at all times in all food storage facilities. In refrigerated facilities, this will prevent the accumulation of small amounts of spoiling food, which can give off odors and may affect other foods. In the storeroom, it will discourage infestation by insects and vermin. Fumigate the area on a regular basis. . Arrangement of Foods 3 Factors involved: Keeping the Most Used Items Readily Available It is usually helpful to arrange storage facilities so that the most frequently used items are kept closest to the entrance. This tends to help time required to move needed foods thus reducing labor cost. Fixing Definite Location Each particular item should always be found in the same location, and attention should be given to ensuring that new deliveries of the item are stored in the same location. If they are not, it will increase your chance for over-purchasing, spoilage or theft.
Fixing items in the same location will also facilitate easy physical inventory stock-taking. If possible, facilities for storage of different class of foods should be maintained whenever possible. Eggs, for example, should not be stored with fish or cheeses because their shell are porous and will absorb flavors from other foods. Rotation of Stock the food controller must establish procedures to ensure that older quantities of food are used before any newer food of the same item is used. This is referred to as FIFO. First In First Out. 3. Location of Storage Facilities
Whenever possible, the storage facilities for both perishables and non-perishables should be located between the receiving area and the preparation area, preferably close to both. A properly located storage   facility will have the effect of: Speeding the storing and issuing of food Maximizing security Reducing Labor requirements Minimizing infestation of rodents and other unwanted creatures 4. Security Food should never be stored in a manner that permits pilferage. That is another reason for moving foods from the receiving area to storage as quickly as possible. The storeroom should typically be locked at most times.
Security for high -cost items such as steaks, liquor, fish, etc. , should have separate control procedures altogether. 5. Dating and Pricing It is desirable to date items, as they are put away on shelves, so the managers can be certain of the age of all items. This can be of great benefit to the chef as if items are beginning to reach their due dates; the chef can add them to the specials the following day. In addition, prices should be put on the package. Following this procedure will greatly simplify issuing, because the storeroom clerk will be able to price requisitions with little difficulty.

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