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Published: 2021-07-04 18:40:05
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Being able to live to see this day is an honor, but being able to apply for this scholarship is truly a blessing. There are many reasons why people choose to apply for scholarships. Some may even have pros and cons. Today, I’m applying for this scholarship for benefits and less worries. I have some many reason why I would apply for this scholarship but I will only list three. I believe I’m the candidate for this scholarship because I am a very persistent person, I am unique, and I am able to do anything that is possible.
I think I should be chosen for this scholarship because I am persistent. If something needs done in one day, I’m determined to meet my goals. I truly believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Another reason why I think I should be chosen for this scholarship is because I am unique. Everything I do is different and creative. I try to come up with creative things in creative ways. Most of all, I am one of a kind. Finally, I think I should be chosen for this scholarship is because I can overcome obstacles. Give me your hardest task, I will make a way to do it.
Even during the hardest trials I will overcome them. Nothing can stop, block nor hinder me from overcoming my obstacle. Since I have made it obvious that I am persistent, unique, and able to overcome anything, it should also be obvious that I embody Philippians 4:13. Therefore, since I am the type of person who will succeed if give help to do so, I believe I am very deserving of the scholarship presented by Gadsden State Community College. After all, I am going to be a world changer so your instruction will be helping me fulfil my destiny.

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