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Published: 2021-07-31 22:15:06
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This individual performs imaging of the body for diagnosis or specialized treatment plan. The main parts of the paper will focus on personal characteristics defining a good potential candidate, education and special training, job roles and expectations, salary and the importance of this specialized field. II BODY OF PAPER Radiology in the medical field is the imaging of human body parts, including external limbs , as well as internal organs. “The study and practice of radiology has come a long way in the past 25 years, due to the growth of industry and new influx of technology. Twenty five years ago films were developed in a dark room and the heavy films and cassettes were then carried to a separate room for storage, which took up lots of space. In the past, rural hospitals had to transport patients to larger city hospitals for specialized imaging. Today, imaging is less invasive, filmless, digital and stored on PAC’s, freeing up space. Increased digital filming allows for reduced exposure rates, beneficial for patient safety. This influx of technology with radiologic technology has created more jobs, producing higher salaries through specialized modalities, such as MRI’s and CT scanning.
Through continued growth in technology, images will be developed with greater efficiency, as radiology defines itself. The technologist role in the medical field is to perform diagnostic imaging of specific body part(s), as ordered by the physician. They are to adjust and maintain the imaging equipment, prepare the patient for the procedure, explain the process and mostly, protect the patient and any caregiver from harmful radiation. There are some risks to the rad tech, such s being exposed to chemicals, causing harmful asthma and additional health complications; also, the strong magnetic force MRI scanners, can cause physiological changes. The median range for a radiologic technologist is $54,340. 00 (May 2010). This salary is expected to grow 28% from 2010 to 2020, faster than average for all occupations. ” http://www. bls. gov/ooh/ Healthcare/rdiologic-technologists. htm. Depending on the locality of the radiologist’s job, which can be in the hospital or in a doctor’s office, to mention a few, will affect the salary. Also, the more specialized the technologist, the higher the salary. For example, techs that perform MRI’s, CT scan and mammography have received extensive training and are in a higher salary brackets.
Personal characteristics that attract a potential radiologic tech candidate include a good under-standing of math, anatomy, biology, physiology and other sciences. The individual must be detail oriented, able to follow the physicians orders exactly. Radiologists must also understand how to operate complex machinery. The most common type of degree for a radiologic technologist is a two year Associate Degree. The individual must be licensed in his home state where he practices; however, requirements vary by state.
The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology accredits educational and training programs in radiography. Courses include biology, anatomy, math, additional sciences, plus computer programming, patient care management, medical ethics and specific nursing procedures. A certain number of hours and hands on training is required in the hospital setting and doctor office. Once the successful radiologist has obtained the degree, he can continue training in more specialized radiologic departments. The basic field is diagnostic radiography. Specialized fields include: ) Sonography- uses high frequency sound in obstetrics, abdominal, cardiac and vascular. B) Fluoroscopy-live motion radiography (usually used to view digestive system, monitor administration of contrast to high lite vessels and organs or help position devices in the body. c) Computer tomography- (CT) provides cross sectional views d) MRI-builds 2D and 3D map of different tissue types in the body. e) Radiotherapy-uses radiation to shrink cancerous cells in the body. f) Mammography-uses low dose x-ray to produce images of the breast.
Cardiovascular and nuclear medicine techs also need extensive training for this specialized area. The daily routine of the radiologic technologist is to check and maintain the imaging equipment, receive orders from the physician, position the patient correctly to get exact area needed to be Imaged, operate computerized equipment to take image, record and store info. Mostly, throughout this entire process, “it is important that the patient and assistant are protected, by shielding exposed areas of radiation that do not need to be imaged” Lead Garments-HPS. org (2011-08-07)..
At all times the tech must explain what he is doing in terms that the patient understands. III CONCLUSION Radiologic technologist field is very important to me, because I have a handicapped brother, who is mentally challenged, with an incurable disease. The disease has affected his entire neurological state, physically, mentally, leaving him bedridden. His bones are very fragile and he develops pneumonia several times per year. His feeding often gets dislodged, whereas, most body parts and organs are affected. He has undergone basic diagnostic-ray, MRI, CT,Flouroscopy and my mom has undergone a cardiac catherization.
This field covers every part of our body and as people are living longer and technology is improving in this field, I think it is a promising career. In summary, the radiologic technologist must be detail oriented, have interpersonal skills in working with doctors and patients. He/she must have an understanding of sciences, math, chemistry, have stamina, for long shifts and heavy lifting of patients, as well as work complex machines. This two year Associates Degree is obtainable with hands on training and experience, which helps one enter the job world. Radiologic technologist receive a good salary and healthcare is expected to see growth.
Also, with technological advancements, there should be an increase in job demands and increased pay, especially with specialized fields of radiology. This field is very important to me because of the needs of my brother. I do see myself pursuing this Career, because of the benefit it offers to all of society, when in need. Also, the salary is inviting to me. This is a field that I can grow with through increased technology and specializing in the advanced programs. IV REFERENCES Imaging radiology-oncology. advanceweb. com (Aug. 10,2010). Lead garments-HPS. org-2011-08-07. http://www. bls. gov/ooh/healthcare/radiologic-technologists. htm

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