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Published: 2021-07-28 18:10:07
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Today in class we reviewed chapters 15 and 17 by the summary questions. We all got in-groups and worked together on these questions. We discussed them and came to some conclusions. Then Mr. Music passed out a worksheet called societal comparison sheet. We had to compare and contrast North America with Central and South America. We did the political, social, economic, religious and geographic. 1) What were the objectives and major accomplishments of the voyages of exploration undertaken by Chinese, Polynesians, and other non-western peoples?
A) Chinese- Explored in interest of trade, curiosity, and projection of imperial power. Polynesians – Explored for opportunity of project power, demonstrate expertise. And relieve population pressures of limited resources. Other non- western- Purpose was unclear and just explored because they could. 2) In this era of long-distance exploration. Did Europeans have any special advantages over other cultural regions? A) Yes- They brought new diseases making people weak, Slaves for the plantations, fighting on god’s side would help them conquer, and they had to survive so they worked their hardest. ) What were the different outcomes of European interactions with Africa, India, and the Americans? A) Africa – Europe got gold, Europe spread religion. Also slave trade was a big head point. Africa conquered East and West Coast. India – new port cities were they did not have to go through Muslim territories. They conquered coastal ports and towns. Americas – Spanish conquered and destroyed North America. This was for goods, 4) How did the Colombian Exchange alter the natural environment of the Americans? A) New crops from Europe were sent to the New World.
Livestock was messing will land eating the grass. This lead to a big population explosion and diseases. Slaves formed plantations in the New World for cotton, tobacco and sugar to go to the Old World 5) What role did forced labor play in the main industries in Spanish America and Brazil? A) Played a big role in plantations where slaves worked in mines for gold and silver. Also cotton tobacco and sugar. They were absolutely dependent on these slaves because the work was to hard for the locals. 6) What were the main similarities and differences among colonies of Spain, Portugal, and France?
A) They all had slaves. Spain – Mining and Absolute government Portugal – England – indentured servants and Representative government France – fur trade and Absolute government 7) What were the effects of the colonial reforms and wars among imperial powers the dominated the Americans during the eighteenth century? A) The reforms and wars were taking and power from the locals and power was to the Viceroyals. But power over all began to weaken because of them. Homework was to review and study chapters 15 and 17. Test is Monday!

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