Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

Published: 2021-06-17 19:50:04
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Debates and controversial issues are what keep countries all over the world connected. Ideas that were argued upon one hundred years ago are still argued upon today. One of these ideas is nuclear energy- should we or should we not use it at such a rate? Before an opinion can be reached, you must first weigh the pros and cons of this topic. Nuclear energy can be environmentally unsafe and can also be threatening, but at the same time it can benefit the progress and development of the world. The used of nuclear energy in the world today has many negative effects and attributes.
First of all, the use of nuclear energy affects crops and food. It limits the crops farmers can give to companies because the crops can be turned into a form of energy called ethanol, which can be produced with corn and sometimes sugarcane (The Seven Myths of Energy Independence). This means that the more ethanol produced, the less food can be sold to citizens, which will increase the prices of them. Also, farmers will start growing more crops for this reason therefore causing environmental problems such as oceanic dead zones and pesticide-infected groundwater (ibid).
It is also environmentally unfriendly in the sense that in order to make some gasses, coal must be burnt, therefore releasing dangerous CO?? gasses into the air (ibid). Not only is it environmentally unsafe, but it can also pose a threat to enemy countries, as what happened in the Cold War and Nuclear Arms Race (Nuclear Weapon). In the Cold War, Soviets placed nuclear weapons in Cuba, making it easier for them to attack when/if needed (ibid). The thought of the Soviet Union being able to wipe out an entire region of the United States at any given time is certainly a negative effect of nuclear power.
Although nuclear energy and power poses environmental and political threats, there are many very powerful positives in use of such a thing. Without the use of nuclear energy, our society will not have the ability to advance or progress (The Seven Myths of Energy Independence). We would not be able to improve many aspects of life without the help of this sort of power. It is also extremely beneficial because it is convenient. Gasoline, a highly used source of energy, can replace about two-hundred and forty hours of human labor (ib).
This nucleistic energy can be pumped directly from the ground, making it unlimited and convenient for all (ib). Also, without this, we would not have nuclear energy trade with other continents, such as Asia, whom we receive a fraction of our money from (ibid). More importantly, continuing to use nuclear power plants to produce energy will lessen global warming (Kerekes Debate). “It is the only large-scale energy source that is capable of producing electricity around the globe without emitting pollutants/greenhouse gases during production,” Steven Kerekes argues within his online debate in 2007.
He could also argue such that nuclear power-plant sources of energy is the lowest cost large-scale electricity producer in the U. S. (ibid). Lastly, no matter how much money is thrown at a different way to produce such energy, they will never be able to produce the amount of electricity that nuclear power plants can (ib). Now that the general information on nuclear energy is all accounted for the question strikes: what is the most beneficial choice for us- to use nuclear energy or to reduce it?
The correct decision is obvious; nuclear power plants are, in fact, needed and desired to reach mostly all the goals set for the country of America to reach. One can agree with Steven Kerekes that it is obligated if America wants to grow financially, politically, intellectually, etc. Although the cons of nuclear energy are logical, they do not match up as to why we should use this type of energy. In the end, the world would benefit from a greater use of nuclear power plants to produce energy and America should take the action and make this happen.

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