Proposal for Web Based Ordering and Management System

Published: 2021-08-22 05:35:08
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By using ordering management system, it allows the user to import data and to manage the products that the customer wants such as, product information, buyer’s information, costumer’s prioritization and product costing. PC Troubleshooters runs its business through a manual process in taking the orders of the costumers. Though there are more employees attending to the needs of the costumer, but the company was often confronted with greater volume of orders, this in effect, created a problem that continue to persist a onger period of time. Because of that, chances are the customer might give false information about their order. In rare cases like that, the employee can make mistakes too due to the given information of the customer. Another problem is that when transactions are done manually, the customers can change their mind and cancel their order. This kind of conflict makes the customer take back its money directly without any other process or informing the company of the cancelled transaction.
Indeed, managing the orders through manual process becomes a big problem of the companies since it creates a higher risk of committing errors and even makes the employees accountable for their transaction (SaaS). Just like in the case of PC Troubleshooters, manual process of managing the orders consumes a lot of time. If it is not being organized the orders are mixed up. PC Troubleshooters cannot manage the orders properly also when the customer gives wrong information about the order, errors takes place and tracking the error consumes a lot of time.
Not the wrong information that might be given by the costumer but at the same the errors committed by the employees they do commit mistakes, like giving incorrect information about the ordered product, orders that are not arranged properly and sorted like its date and priority, giving product to right costumer, these are the problem that the company encountered when dealing with their manual transaction. To solve the problem of PC Troubleshooter, the proponents provide “Web Based Ordering Management System. ” This kind of system can make their work fast, reliable, consistent and flexible.
The system adapts to different types of order and to meet the customer’s needs. It will also monitor and manage the orders of the customer in order to check the ordered product accurately. The product must be added before ordering occurs. It can also reduce the risk of overlapping orders and other mistakes done by the customer and by the employee. On the part of the management the system has the capability to show reports of every transaction that are accomplished in everyday transaction. Thus, monitoring the reports and knowing the problems can now be traced easily by the top management level.
Objective of the Study General Objective The general objective of the study is to create and develop a web based ordering management for PC troubleshooters. Specific Objectives 1. To monitor the orders of the client in terms of prioritization. 2. To lessen conflicts between the ordering of products and managing the orders. 3. To test and evaluate the effectiveness of the Ordering Management System. 4. To evaluate the feasibility of the study in terms of: accuracy, efficiency, reliability, user’s friendly and flexibility.
Significance of the Study The web based order management system helps both the customers and the management in dealing with their transactions effectively. Furthermore, the other beneficiaries of the study are the following: Company This study helps the company as a whole in identifying the problems encountered. It also serves as a tool to improve their existing methods of managing the orders in a shorter time and also it helps them to track the order of the customer. It lessens changes in final posting of orders by their client. User
This study will help the user in making the process or ordering fast and lessen the conflict in managing the orders and to lessen the complaints of the customers. Client This study helps the client in terms of selecting a product and can help in providing what is best for the client base from their interest. Proponents This study will help the proponents in enhancing their skills in making a web based ordering management system through the application various programming language acquired. Future Proponents This study will serve as a resource or reference for future proponents.
It can help them to create and develop a new project proposal of almost the same kind of software that can be use as a solution in solving the problems in the ordering process and management. Scope and Delimitation Scope The scope of this study includes the process of editing or altering and deleting transaction, sorting of products according to prices, new arrivals, item and the like. Viewing of fast and slow moving of products through the use of pie chart. Another is that it can view the order of the customer. It has a PayPal function wherein the customer can transact online.
An editing tool called FCK editor which is used to edit the important details of the site especially the displaying of information about the products. It is a crossed browser based system that can run on any web browsers. Delimitation The present study of the proponents does not include the ordering of products from the suppliers. Also the shipping outside of the Philippines is not covered in this study. The transaction in terms of payment online or in the company using credit or debit cards are not also covered.

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